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7 Women in Podcasting

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Hear about how podcasting helped grow their business and opened doors to new opportunities.

Meet some amazing women podcasters who are bravely sharing their voice and message.

I went to my first live in-person event the other night for the first time since the pandemic started, and WOW! What a way to leap back into the world.

I hosted a podcasting panel at the Fraser Valley Women’s Expo and I had the pleasure of being on stage with this amazing group of women podcasters. We had so much fun. It really reignited my heart for meeting people face-to-face. So, I thought I need to have these inspiring women on my Women in Podcasting Show, so you can meet them, too.

Hear about how podcasting has helped grow their business and opened new doors.

We’re having fun! Connect with all these amazing women podcasters:

HOST: Jennifer Henczel

Melody Owen

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Daisy Salvacion Shields

Michelle Abraham

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Podcasting Pack

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