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Become an Authorized Mentor of our Programs

Our system can work for all niches and all regions of the world.

Plug in our system to generate more leads, build credibility, establish yourself even further as a community leader, and save  your time and efforts for doing what you love! This is a turn-key system for creating LIVE meetups and ONLINE events that work.

Sure, you could figure it out and do it yourself, but with our solution you’ll save time, make more, and endure.  We have an amazing leadership team. We believe in collaboration over completion, and that we are stronger together. If you are interested in the same, and connecting with other like-minded leaders while growing your business, take a look at this page and fill out the application below.

Who is this for?  

If you are a professional, speaker, coach, business owner, non-profit director, or entrepreneurs, and you want to get started fast with your own meetup group to grow your organization and reach in the community, then this is the program you’ve been waiting for:  We take care of the membership portal and directory listing – saving you time, while providing a great value to your potential clients.

How does it work? 

You get listed in our calendar and exposure to our members.

You collect and keep the meetup fees under your business (where applicable).

All memberships go through Inspired Influencers, and you are paid a Member Share for anyone you bring in.


  • This membership level includes an Inspired Influencers Membership, Directory Listing, and access to the Learning Lounge, plus these amazing perks:
  • Access to Meetup Mastery:
    • Video and audio training program that will walk you through ever step of organizing, conducting, and growing a meetup group.
    • A complete system that includes the forms, tools, templates, and processes you need to run your own meetup.
  • Be plugged into a well established and growing group.
  • Gain credibility from being a Inspired Influencers  leader, and ultimately, a community leader.
  • Get started fast, rather than spending time creating and refining your own system.
  • It will free up your time, so you can stick to your business and what you do best.

Leadership Training: 

  • Meetup Mastery and Tribe Building Blueprint.
  • Inspired Influencers Policies and Procedures.
  • Tools and system for running LIVE and ONLINE meetings, and connecting with our audience and attentive members, while growing your own influence and reach.
  • “How to Create Your Compelling Inspired Influencers Introduction” – a curriculum you can learn, and then deliver to make an extra revenue stream after your meetup.
  • Earn Member Shares and give your attendees access to thousands of dollars worth of business building tools and resources.
  • We provide the directory listings and membership platform.
  • You keep the meetup fees and we will send you 50% of all memberships that first attend your meetup and sign up through you.
  • Connect with other like minded leaders who are ready to make things happen.
  • Be listed in our calendar and visible as a leader to our members.
  • Plus, other perks – we over deliver!

Your Responsibilities: 

  • Promote and conduct the meetup using the Inspired Influencers resources and your own resources.
  • Follow Leader requirements and guidelines.
  • Know and enforce all group policies (ex. all attendees must purchase a meal from the restaurant).
  • Guide people to sign up online through this website.
  • Comply with all Anti-Spam and No-Call-List laws.
  • MORE… There are more responsibilities and benefits to discuss. Contact me, the Founder of Inspired Influencers, directly to discuss your complete responsibilities as an Authorized Inspired Influencers Leader and the benefits that I provide: Contact Me.



Please do not apply unless you have these skills and requirements:

  • Computer skills – Intermediate: you must be able to format documents in Word and work with contact data in Excel Spreadsheets. You must know how to copy-and-paste links and information, such as the details of your meetup. You must be able to send emails with an attachment (to submit your contact sheet). Fill out online forms.
  • Social Media Skills:  Knowledge of social media engagement, along with the ability and willingness to like and share Inspired Influencers or Story Academy links and content.
  • You must own your own business, or be a manager of the business or a department of the business, or a licensed or certified professional.
  • Your business must be properly registered either as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation provincially, as well as federally. (Canada: You must have a GST or Tax number and report all income and GST/Tax, depending on your government regulations. US: You must have your business tax numbers in order and report your income, depending on your state and federal requirements).
  • You must have a professional lead capture and email marketing system in place, such as Constant Contact for following up with people from your own business, and for modeling the anti-spam laws and proven follow-up strategies and best practices.
  • Ability to learn and enforce Inspired Influencers polices and procedures.
  • Management Skills: Some event organization abilities are helpful, as well as, general management and project management skills, to be able to carry out the required Story Academy leader activities.
  • Leadership Skills: Ability to rise above and stay positive at all times. Keeping members on track and redirecting their difficulties towards opportunities.
  • People Skills: Enjoy connecting with other business owners in your community.  Shifting between people and tasks, while remaining positive, is required.

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Apply now:


STEP #2:

Once approved submit your enrollment fee