Your message matters! 

  Join us for this 3-Day Boot Camp Retreat where You’ll Learn Strategies  

​for Crafting, Telling, Living and Celebrating Your Story. 


September 28 – 30

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…if you had enough stories where you could pick the right one, at the right time, and for the right audience. Learn to tell your story to empower yourself and others. People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. Develop stories for a book, a talk, increased sales, or more impactful daily communication. At Story Camp, you will develop the most powerful way to communicate and motivate others for your business or movement: TELLING YOUR STORY!


This does NOT involve actual camping πŸ™‚






IT’S A weekend workshop STYLE BOOTCAMP retreat where you’ll WORK HARD ON YOUR STORIES AND MESSAGES, WHILE experiencING many bonding, whimsical, camp-style storytelling moments.


Time to tell your story

Story Camp is a fun, engaging 3 day program that includes speaking, writing, and live stage work.

Explore new ideas

Let us help you navigate all the strategies, insights and inspiration you need to tell your message to the world.

Reach your potential

Take your business and life to the new heights.

Get fired up

Learn how to confidently inspire, entertain, and educate others through your own stories.

Be illuminated

Participate in storytelling with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and world changers.

Accelerate your progress

Get your stories created faster in this supportive accelerated format. 




If you register for the Story Camp Weekend before September 1st, you’ll get these bonuses: 










Stories bring people together











You have a story, and your story matters. 











“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, it’s about the stories you tell.”

Seth Godin





Remember, this does NOT involve actual camping πŸ™‚

​Abbotsford Casino (Chances Playtime) 

​Conference Room 

30835 Peardonville Rd. Abbotsford BC V2T 6K2, CA(If you are from out of town, and you you’re wanting to stay at the closest hotel to where the conference is being held, we recommend the Sandman Airport here: (604) 870-1050)





Empower Yourself and Others with Your Story


Paul Henczel, BBA is a TEDx Speaker, Author of β€œMiracle in a Mill: Crushed Alive!” and the Co-Creator of Story Academy. He lives near Vancouver, BC, Canada. His obstacles have not stopped him from reaching his educational and professional goals, because he believes opportunities create stories and stories create opportunities. He uses his experiences from overcoming adversity and daily challenges to inspire and empower others to tell their stories.


He offers his insights about “Mastering Your Message” and moving from tragedy to triumph through storytelling and Story Academy 




​Jennifer Henczel is an Award Winning Leader, Author, Influence Strategist, and Founder of Connect Now Business Network, Inspired Influencers Academy, and Story Academy. Through her Authorized Leadership program, she is raising up leaders in communities throughout BC, and beyond, to create entrepreneurial circles of support and income for themselves and others. As an Influence Strategist, she helps clients to navigate all the marketing options to create an effective client attraction system that works! Jennifer has 20+ years of experience in leadership roles, speaking, training, online marketing, and delivering workshops and seminars for Universities, Government Funded Training Centres, and Corporate clients.


She speaks about how to “Monetize Your Message” and teaches about “Majestic Mindset” and “Royal Funnel” through Inspired Influencers Academy​




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