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Hi, My name is Jennifer Henczel. I’m an Influence Igniter, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Producer, Founder of Inspired Influencers and creator of the Good Gifter Giveaway.

This is my annual gift giveaway where I give back to my community. I hope you are doing well and I wish you every success in the upcoming new year. Here’s your first gift…

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Jennifer Henczel

Your Signature Story: Start a Movement with Your Message

Learn how to prepare your story for a talk or podcast interview using my STORY – TEACH – TOOL model.

  • Download: Your Signature Story” workbook and let us walk you through how to create your winning story.
  • Audio: Listen to the training as you work through the workbook.
  • Tools: Get our STORY – TEACH – TOOL framework for attracting your ideal audience.

Jennifer Henczel works with leaders who are ready to level up to create more impact and influence. She’s all about monetizing your message and creating multiple streams of income from your expertise. Through her Inspired Influencers Academy, she mentors clients, navigating them through all of today’s top mindset and marketing tools to create a client attraction system that works.

Angela Feser

The Ultimate Social Media Blueprint

The Ultimate Social Media Blueprint is what you need to take your Social Media to the next level. If you spend too much time on creating your social media posts then you need this Blueprint! All 5 components used together will help you get more engagement and become recognized on all of your social media platforms. Ideas, a calendar, hashtags, and times to post. It is all in the Ultimate Blueprint! Don’t miss out on this bundle available now, only available here through Good Gifter, for FREE!

  • One Month of Social Media Post Ideas
  • 2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar
  • 210 Daily Hashtags for Social Media
  • 21 Ideas for More Engagement
  • Best Times to Post on Social Media

Angela Feser is the Owner of Social Bliss Blueprint. She is a naturally creative person who also loves to help others. She creates branded and unique social media content for small business owners. She enjoys helping them get more engagement on social media and loves saving them time so they can focus on other aspects of their business and families.

Kat Sullivan

25 Places You’re Missing Leads

This free guide is packed with 25 BRILLIANT places you are missing leads. If you want to increase the amount of FREE leads you get per day, this guide will help you fix that asap.

  • See a sharp increase in the amount of leads you generate every day. For Free!
  • Learn how to place your free offers in today’s most strategic placements
  • Utilize multiple offers and opt ins.
  • Appeal to the right audiences and help you make the right offers to the right people.
  • There is an endless amount of opportunities for you to grow your list.

Kat Sullivan is the CEO & Founder of Marketing Solved and has worked with and successfully coached over 11,000 business owners. Kat has been recognized as the social media expert behind-the-experts having worked with numerous celebrities, professional athletes, television shows, and bestselling authors. She has been featured in nationally acknowledged publications like Inc., Entrepreneur & Fast Company, and several other publications as a leader in the online marketing space. Kat also won the 2017 Marketer of the Year award and was recognized as a Top Female Entrepreneur to Follow!

Serena Carcasole


Want to know the fastest way to get visible, find clients and increase your INCOME? If you are struggling to grow your business online and get clients then you need Serena’s blueprint. You’ll learn the easy formula that teaches you everything you need to know to have a thriving automated business that is consistently generating leads and high-end clients that are willing to pay premium prices to work with you! Get her Visibility Blueprint to discover an easy formula for lead generation on autopilot.

Serena Carcasole is a best-selling author and renowned podcast host. She’s also the Founder of Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Network with 53K+ members! Serena has helped hundreds of service-based women entrepreneurs become leaders in their fields and scale their businesses.

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Stop Spinning Your Wheels In Business with the Audacious Ask System

Use the Audacious Ask System to Identify Exactly what You need to do in your business week for maximum traction and Impact.

The system includes:

  • A worksheet
  • Video series to assist you to have complete clarity and confidence using the Audacious Ask System from Day One.

Jennifer Cramer Lewis helps deliciously ambitious female business owners access new profitability in their business during a growth crisis so they can have maximum traction and confidence.

Ayódele O Kolade

Mindset Mastery Audio Program to help you free your mind from negative self-talk and mental clutter

This beautiful and enchanting audio program was created with entrepreneurs in mind who experience negative self-talk and want to change that so that they start seeing better results in their lives and businesses. Create a deep sense of inner calm and centeredness even during busy and uncertain times, change negative and unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and leave you feel positive, energized and full of vitality.

As a Transformation Specialist, Ayódele’s speciality is assisting entrepreneurs and thought-leaders in clearing up the past and letting go of pain and trauma they’ve experienced so that they can step confidently and authentically into the version of themselves that they want to be, resulting in their businesses and lives thriving.

Lisa Marie Pepe

Rookie Coaches’ Playbook

A step-by-step guide to help you set up and kickoff your
new online coaching business

  • Terrified by the mere thought of putting yourself out there in the online marketplace as a new coach?
  • Worried that you don’t have enough coaching experience, knowledge, or credentials to really make a difference in the world as a new coach?
  • Intimidated by all the ‘expert coaches’ out there who appear to be so much more qualified and advanced than you?

Get the ultimate TOOLS you’ll Use Checklist for Rookie Coaches and Online Entrepreneurs. Simple, Tangible, and EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT STEPS to Actually Help You Get Your Online Coaching Business Up and Running

Lisa Marie Pepe is The Confidence Coach and Online Visibility Expert for passionate, heart-centered women entrepreneurs, a three-time #1 International best-selling author and co-creator of The Art of Unlearning: Top Experts Share Conscious Choices for Empowered Living, and a motivational speaker.

Martine Cadet

How to Launch, Maintain and Grow a Facebook Group

Even without an email list or a large social media presence, you can attract, nurture and serve a ready-to buy audience using a Facebook private group as an online service-based provider.

Here’s the truth, most people don’t feel that they have the time to run their own social media content on their own and feel they need to hire a VA which is fine, but what will the content strategy to implement be? That’s where Martine come in to support!

Martine is a Social Media Content Coach and Creator Dedicated to helping burned-out female coaches with her “Signature Social Media Gets you Clients Relationship Marketing System.”

Lisa Kempton

200+ Facebook Groups that Allow Promotion (Updated)

Lead magnets are an amazing tool. Combine that with Facebook Groups and even the smallest business can get tons of leads. I’ve used Facebook Groups to grow my email list by over 1000 with just a few posts. Here are some of the best groups to post in. Learn the Top 5 Facebook Group Marketing Mistakes.

Lisa Kempton is the owner and Chief Automation Expert with Sage Peak Business Solutions. She coaches people through learning to automate their business. She also has the Business Under Pressure podcast where she interviews experts solving everyday problems business face.

Kamini Wood

6 Empowering Steps to RiseUp and Take Back Your Power

You’ve achieved a lot. People around you seem happy…and yet, it feels like you’re missing something. Maybe it’s time to reset & take back your power. If you would like to:

  • Become a resilient self-leader – Overcome stress & anxiety.
  • Create a positive mindset shift.
  • Break free from a toxic relationship.
  • Create an actionable plan to reach your goals Download this RiseUp Strategy Guide.

Kamini Wood is a Board Certified Life Coach helping empower women and teens to re-discover their AuthenticMe® through her RiseUp coaching program. Through her work, she helps guide you through a journey of self-discovery, quiet that inner critic, overcome self-judgment, own your story, set boundaries, and be unapologetically YOU!

Sydney DeLucchi

Wildly Converting Captions Workbook & Training

Helping entrepreneurs save time, learn strategy, & captivate to convert potential clients with the Wildly Converting Captions Workbook & Training. This is for you if…

  • You struggle with what to post on Social Media for your business
  • Your captions are not generating sales or even visits to your website
  • You feel like you’re wasting time trying to create captions that get ZERO interaction

Sydney is a Social Strategist & Biz Coach who helps entrepreneurs see quicker ROI from social media & create a business that’s wildly them.

Stephanie O’Dea

Life & Time Management Cheat Sheet for Moms

The Stephanie O’Dea Life & Time Management cheat sheet for moms encompasses all the key nuggets of wisdom from her 10 books on living a Slow Life.

Stephanie O’Dea is a NYT-best selling author of 10 books. She is a highly sought-after speaker, mentor, and coach who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her highschool sweetheart, their three daughters, and a basset hound puppy named Sheldon.

Michelle Demers

Monetize Your Business with High-Performance Online Groups

Learn about this innovative business model which focuses on creating a high-touch, high-value experience that helps clients take action, implement, and get amazing results. Can be used with any topic and requires little to no content. Work less, charge more, and easily scale your business! It can serve as an alternative to a Facebook group and can plug into existing programs and courses for an instant, value-add upsell. Want to build a coaching team and certification program? This will help you do that. Work with 5 clients or 5,000, it’s up to you!

Michelle Demers, MBA is the Creator of The Power of 15 Method: Move Mountains in 15 Minutes per Day & Power of 15 [PWR15] Clubs. Over the past 20 years, Michelle has worked with hundreds of coaches, consultants, service providers, and online business owners to leverage their time and expertise by creating and running online courses, groups, and communities.

Jenny Eden Berk

Meal Planning Momentum Mini-course

A mini-course on building basic skills in batch cooking, organizing your kitchen and finding your meal planning mojo! What it includes:

  • Grocery Store Inventory spreadsheet
  • My best fridge organization tools
  • My favorite kitchen gadgets
  • Ultimate Meal Kit Services Resource Bundle
  • The Sweet Spot of Nutrition Workbook
  • Recipe bundle

Jenny Eden Berk is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Culinary Nutritionist and #1 best selling author of the book, The Body Image Blueprint. She helps sensitive and soulful women release chronic stress, restore body confidence, eat consciously and heal their relationship with food.



Kendra Swalls


Email Marketing Starter Kit

Does email marketing feel overwhelming? Are you not sure where to begin? Kendra created the Email Marketing Starter Kit just for you! In this kit you will learn HOW to use email marketing to grow your business, HOW to create your first lead magnet using the included Canva template and WHAT to say with a 5-part done-for-you welcome sequence. Email marketing has never been so easy!

Kendra Swalls is a former elementary school teacher turned entrepreneur who is helping women let go of the notion that perfection equals success. She founded Girl Means Business and is on a mission to help women not only launch their dream business, but to show them all of the marketing and social media tips and tools she’s learned on her own journey.

Natalie Forstbauer


Health in a Hurry Best Selling Book

Simple solutions for the time starved. Discover tips, strategies and resources to amplify your wellbeing emotionally, mentally and physically immediately.

Natalie Forstbauer is a mom, organic biodynamic regenerative farmer, brain injury survivor and healer. Real Food is Naked. Healing is Dynamic. Who You Are Matters!


Grow Your Business as a Guest Expert

with Jennifer Henczel

$147 Value

  • 100 Page Textbook
  • Pitch Template & Follow-up Email
  • Action Plan Workbook
  • Podcast Tracking Sheet
  • Guest Expert Tech Checklist
  • Guest Expert Cheat sheet
  • Program Overview Infographic

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