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Capsho + Grow Your Podcast Summit

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Grow Your Podcast Summit




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An Interview with Deirdre Tshien of Capsho and the Grow Your Podcast Summit

Hear Deirdre’s inspiring story of how she started this amazing new tool called Capsho. It’s mind blowing! It is a very smart AI system that creates your show notes, titles, posts – everything! – for your show notes for each episode of your podcast. They just launched it and it’s going to save podcasters a lot of time! Plus, we chatted about Deirdre’s upcoming summit. Wow! Not to be missed…

Learn the secrets to Growing, Monetizing and Scaling your Podcast from 33 experts!

As you know, I love sharing opportunities with you to help you start, grow and monetize your message, podcast or show. All the things I do also have a strong emphasis on community and getting connected in a meaningful way.

So, I’m very excited to tell you about the Grow Your Podcast Summit!  

For 3 days – July 1st to 3rd – my friend Deirdre Tshien, Founder of Capsho and Host of the Grow My Podcast Show, is bringing you interviews with 33 industry experts who have found incredible ways to grow, monetize and scale their podcasts. Register now:

The best part? It’s totally free! 

In the Grow Your Podcast Summit, I chat about building a thriving community around your podcast.

Please note: This isn’t my event, but I’ve been invited to speak on day 2 about building a community around your podcast. I wanted to tell you about it so you can also get connected with all the other speakers and mover & shakers in the industry who will be there, too. It’s all online, and you can jump in and watch the speakers you want to learn from and meet.

There are some awesome speakers in this summit! Here’s exactly what’s included:

DAY 1 

  • CHRIS KRIMITSOS – The Freest Form of Expression: How to Use Podcasting to Grow Your Business
  • DANA DERRICKS – The Dream 100 Strategy for Landing Podcast Interviews
  • INA COVENEY – How to turn listeners into customers with a tiny audience
  • MICHELLE TERPSTRA – The Art of Social Selling: How to Turn Your Podcast Leads into Clients
  • ALEX SANFILIPPO – How to organize and release episodes simply so you can just focus on promoting your podcast
  • KEVIN CHEMEDLIN – The Targeted Daily Engagement Formula To Double Your Audience Using Social Media
  • DANIELLE DESIR – How To Optimize Your Show Notes For SEO (And Get More Listeners!)
  • BRITTANY LONG – The Listen Party Method: How To Use Evergreen Emails To Promote Your Podcast
  • STEVE STEWART – How to make money before your podcast can monetize
  • MICHAEL GABRIEL – The 5 Secret Elements Of A Compelling Podcast Ad For Rapid Podcast Growth
  • MELISSA HUGHES – The Baskin-Robbins Principle: How To Use Tik Tok To Grow Your Podcast


  • JENNIFER HENCZEL [Me :)] – The Power of Micro Memberships: How to Create a Reoccurring Income Stream With Your Podcast
  • DAVE JACKSON – How to Create FOMO and Grow Your Network to Grow Your Podcast
  • WILCO DE KREIJ – The Viral Podcasting Strategy That Grew My Audience By Thousands
  • COURTNEY ELMER – The Podcast Tour Formula: How to Borrow Other People’s Audiences to Grow Your Own
  • SARAH PENNER – The Power of Collaboration: Why You Need to Be Both a Guest and a Host on Podcasts
  • GIANA CAMBRIA – The Content Flywheel: How To Create Compelling Video Content With Your Podcast That Drives Results
  • TRAVIS BROWN – How To Grow Your Podcast Using Instagram
  • LARRY ROBERTS – The Secrets To Standing Out With Your Podcast In A Saturated Space
  • VINCE GREEN – The Five-Part Framework to Monetizing Your Podcast With the Perfect Webinar
  • MELISSA RICKER – The Power Of Launching: How To Use A Signature Offer And Message To Sell More Through Your Podcast
  • ELZIE FLENARD – The 5 Must-Haves For Launching A Great Podcast


  • HALA TAHA – Advertising For Your Podcast: The How To For LinkedIn And Podcast Player Ads
  • JOHN JONAS – The Secret Sauce Of Outsourcing: How To Hire A VA For Your Podcast
  • SETH SILVERS – NFTs: How To Use Them To Grow Your Podcast Audience And Monetize Your Show
  • ROMINA MUHAMETEJ – How To Effectively Use PR To Promote Your Podcast
  • JOSH ELLEDGE – The Go-Giver Mindset: How To Use Generosity To Build Relationships With Your Dream Customers Using Your Podcast
  • ERIK CABRAL – Creating Your Multi-Million Dollar Podcast
  • NICOLE CHRISTINA – The Art Of The Interview: How To Create A Must-Listen Interview Show
  • JESS KWASNY – The Weird Almost Backwards Method To Creating Your Episode Content
  • MISCHA ZVEGINTZOV – How To Create A Week’s Worth Of Content For Your Podcast
  • MEGAN DOUGHERTY – How To Grow Your Podcast Using Twitter
  • NICOLE CRAMER – How To Use Sales Conversations To Grow Your Podcast

And a whole lot more!

You’ll hear about everything from branding your podcast to creating explosive growth using traditional AND emerging strategies, both organically and with paid advertising!  

There’s more I’d love to tell you about this summit, but I’ll let you check out all the details for yourself.

Get your free ticket for the Grow My Podcast Summit today!

Deirdre Tshien

Podcast: The Grow My Podcast Show


Instagram: @deirdretshien

HOST: Jennifer Henczel

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