Story Academy

Your story matters!

Learn to tell your story to empower yourself and others.  Story Academy is a professional development storytelling program, involving speaking, writing, video, and live stage work (in some locations and during retreats) . We work through 12 stories that you can use in a signature talk or book.

Let’s Get Started! Orientation:

5 Day Book Bliss Challenge – If you’re wanting to put your stories into a book, this is the best place to start. There are also Book Bootcamp workbooks and a 30 day book plan in Story 11.

The Big Picture – To help you prepare to start the program.

Story Schedule: Planning & Scheduling Your Stories – To help you schedule your activities for the best success with completig the program, by completing one story per month. 

Activating Your Creativity

Creativity Cycle

Creativity: Storytelling and the Creative Process

Story Speaking

Presentation Skills 

Presenting with Confidence  – Bonus to help you prepare to start presenting on video.

11 Small Actions to BOOST Your Confidence

Need help with video? 

Uploading Your Video

Using Facebook Live with Sherri-Lee Woycik

How to Use Video for Lead Generation with Petra Mayer

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Required Stories to be completed in the form of speeches to earn your Story Academy Certificate:

STORY #1 – Supercharged Summary

STORY #2 – Enlightened Empowerment

STORY #3 – Stellar Storytelling 101 – Your Primary Story

STORY #4 – Stellar Storytelling 102 – Your Secondary Story

STORY #5 – Customer, Client, Member, or Volunteer

STORY #6 – Humour

STORY #7 – Metaphor

STORY #8 – Elevating Your Expertise

STORY #9 – Illuminating Inspiration

STORY #10 – Legacy or Origin Story

STORY #11 – Describe Your Program, Product, or Book

STORY #12 – Final Project: Putting it all together

Quick Links to the Workbooks and Worksheets

These are programs you will have access throughout your training, in preparation for completing each speech. Complete the workbooks to help you write your stories.

Story Academy Leadership

Authorized Leadership Program Application

Story Academy Manual – NOTE: If you’re doing the program online, you don’t have to follow all the steps in the manual. The manual is for live programs with weekly or monthly live in-person group meetings. If you’d like to run a group in your city, contact us about our Authorized Licensed Mentor Training. This manual is highly detailed and helps with facilitating a group. Or, if you’re a detail oriented person, then feel free to dive in.

Story Feedback Form – A helpful guide to help with assessing yourself and evaluating and giving feedback to others. Especially in live group situations.

More Storytelling Resources

Storytelling Resources – What’s happening with storytelling around the world?

Story Academy Certifications


Certificate Application – Complete your stories within your membership time to request a certificate