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Membership: Lifettime Dare to be Different
  • Limited time discount: Be sure to enter your $1000 off discount code from the person who sent you. If no one has sent you one, contact Jennifer Henczel for one. The regular price is $1997 – $1000 = $997.
  • Includes all of our Academy tools, templates, checklists, workbooks, journals and self-paced learning programs: You must be logged in to access all the tools.
  • You must use the proper postal code associated with your credit card for the payment to be accepted.
  • If you encounter any problems signing up, please contact us.


Important Notes about our membership:

  • All memberships are for 1 person, per business, per year.
  • There is 5% GST on all memberships and services in accordance with CRA.. Taxes and Membership Dues: Here are some tax tips from CRA about membership dues and possible rebate of any GST/HST you paid as part of your dues:
  • All income and GST from Inspired Influencers are reported as a marketing program under Jennifer Henczel under GST# 885937292.

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