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The Podcaster’s Affirmation

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The Podcaster’s Affirmation

Stay motivated. We got you! Feel the community around you. We’re all in this together.

Today, I’ll be chatting about why now is the best time ever to start a podcast or to become a podcast guest.

  • Hear my skydiving story!
  • Learn how to take a brave leap of your own.
  • Download The Podcaster’s Affirmation.

Podcasting is a labour of love. We all remember that amazing feeling when we did all the work and we finally hit the ‘Publish” button. Yet, somewhere along the way we may have felt overwhelm and maybe even lost. We want to take that leap into new territory with our podcast and something is holding us back or we get stuck.

Imagine what it would be like if you were starting or growing your podcast right now, what does it look like? What does it feel like? What kinds of benefits are you experiencing?

I challenge you to take that leap right now!

There are many reasons your podcast should be out there right now.
Your podcast allows you to highlight your experience and illustrate why your products and services are the best.

Podcasting delivers both brand loyalty and brand awareness to your audience.

Podcasting creates a ton of content for your website, newsletter, social media, and blog.

Hearing your voice helps your marketing message, stick!

Our voice is not only important for our podcasts, audience, marketing and brand. I realized how important my internal voice was to me, too. I created a podcast affirmation and want to share it with you, “Your message matters and the world needs your voice”.

Along with this one I have created this resource for all of you to use.

Download The Podcaster’s Affirmation to keep you motivated . We all need a reminder that we are doing the right things! I am here to remind you along with an entire community of podcasters, You Got This!!

If you missed it, go back to Episode #1, where I talked about how the Women in Podcasting movement started.

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