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260 Canva post & story templates, including podcast cover art and device mockups for promoting you and your guests. This amazing package also includes our Podcasting on Purpose Guide, Workbook
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Paul and Jennifer Henczel share with you how to identify and create your signature story for a talk or book using their proven model. Get this framework for infusing stories into your podcast, show, interviews and teachings.

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Jennifer Henczel

Monetize Your Message

Jennifer Henczel is an Award Winning Leader, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Podcaster , Founder of Inspired Influencers and the Women in Podcasting VIP Club. Jennifer’s mission is to lift women’s voices and stories globally. Invite Jennifer to speak at your next event.

Paul Henczel

Master Your Message

Paul Henczel, BBA is a Motivational Speaker, Podcaster, Author of “Crushed Alive!” and Storytelling Expert. He has told his stories at events & conferences, on TV, Radio and the TEDx stage. Invite Paul to speak at your next event.

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