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14 Lead Magnet Ideas for Podcasters & Expert Guests

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This was a super quick episode. I shared these tips on Clubhouse, but there were technical problems. So, I re-did the mini-talk and uploaded it to the podcast. Listen to the episode and download the checklist for all the tips.

Use lead magnets to:

Build your list.

Grow your audience.

Monetize your message.

✔ Increase your know-life-and-trust factor.

✔ Keep your listeners up-to-date when you release an episode.

Podcasters, never broadcast again without providing over the top value to your audience. Offer them a freebie they can’t refuse.

Guest Experts, make every interview memorable! WOW podcasters and their audiences with your value-added giveaway.

Find out all the reasons why you should be using lead magnets in your podcasts.

Use the checklist to start your first lead magnet or expand on the selection of opt-ins you already offer.

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