If you are a leader who’s looking to level up and build credibility and visibility locally and internationally, then you’re in the right place. We offer various membership levels for you to choose from below.

Please note: 

  • You can attend ONE event in Jennifer Henczel’s network at the non-member price before becoming a member. That includes Inspired Influencers speaker events, Story Academy meetings, training workshops, and any of our events.
  • To continue attending or to get access to the tools and other membership perks, please sign up for one of our membership levels below.
  • When signing up below, be sure to select the membership you want by checking the radio button beside that option.
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  • See descriptions of our membership levels below, if needed.
  • If you encounter any problems signing up, please contact us.
  • There is 5% GST on all memberships and services in accordance with CRA.

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Rise. Lead. Inspire! Friends of the Podcast $17/month

SHARE the story! Create your signature life.

We thank you for your support!

  • Special access to downloads, tools, guides and other perks.
  • Exclusive Facebook group.

Likeable Leaders $47/month

MASTER your message! Create your signature story.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for expressing your message, whether it’s for business, a special cause, or powerful movement. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” (Maya Angelou). Every business and non-profit must have well crafted stories to create a movement and reach the ideal audience:

  • Access to our comprehensive Storytelling System.
  • Create stories you can use in your life, business or non-profit.
  • Exclusive Facebook group.

Igniting Your Inner Influencer Inner Circle $97 / month

MONETIZE your message! Create your signature program.

Inspired Influencers is the get get inspired! This membership is for leaders who are ready to level up. Let us help you navigate all the marketing tools and options to create a client attraction system that works:

  • Includes Business Breakthrough TV and Story Academy memberships.
  • Access Biz Breakthrough replays and online meetings.
  • Accountability sessions in our Facebook group.
  • Access downloads, templates, tools, and resources to help grow your business.
  • Learn at your own paces with all the online training courses and workbooks.
  • Get the skills you need, when you need them, through our self-paced, high value curriculum.
  • Members get special access to our connections and reach.
  • Opportunities to speak (When approved and available. Priority is given to members.)

This membership upgrade includes everything in the regular Inspired Influencers Membership above, plus these additional perks:

  • This membership is for 1 person, per business, per year.
  • Access to these marketing tools, templates and self-paced learning programs:
      • 1000 Business Templates Forms, and useful Documents
      • Business Planning Like a Pro Package with Templates
      • Stand Out Content Marketing and Management System PLUS 365 Day Editorial Calendar
      • Creating Your Sales & Marketing Funnel
      • SOP Success: Get More Marketing ROI with a Standard Operating System
      • 300 Positive Affirmations for Your Life and Business
      • BOOK: 592 Tweets, Posts & Quotes: Ideas for Your Social Media Content
      • Breakthrough Branding: A Blueprint for Building a Powerful Signature Brand
      • Client Attraction Code: A Blueprint for Creating an Irresistible Group Coaching Program
      • Funnel Formula: Create Lead Magnets and a Client Attraction System that Sells
      • Rapid Revenue System: How to Create Hot Selling Online Courses and Programs to Get New Clients and Generate Passive Income
      • Event Buzz: A Blueprint for Filling Your Events and Increasing Engagement
      • Email Marketing Lab: A Blueprint for Capturing Leads and Building Lasting Relationships with your Audience
      • Marketing Motivator: Supercharge Your Marketing for Less Stress, More Clients, and More Cash
      • And more!
    •  COACHING TOOLKIT: Access to the Coaching Toolkit, including tools, templates, forms, letters and more to wow your clients and grow your coaching business. Examples:
      • Client Invoice Sample
      • Coaching Agreement
      • Coaching Success Guidelines
      • Intake Form
      • Welcome Letter
      • Monthly Review Form
      • Coaching Session Preparation Worksheet
      • Self-Assessment Worksheet
      • Business Overview Worksheet
      • Individual Coaching Plan Template
      • Coaching Feedback Worksheet
      • Coaching Session Agenda Template
      • SWOT Analysis Matrix
      • Root Cause Analysis Worksheet
      • High Impact Questions Worksheet
      • Goal and Action Plan Template
      • Coaching Journal
      • Accountability Checklist
      • Business Goals Worksheet
      • …and lots more!
      • BONUS: When you sign up for our Academy level of membership today, you’ll also get access to the entire Story Academy Program! It’s a comprehensive program for helping you craft your message, incorporating stories to attract your ideal audience.

Momentum Mentors – $10K

MAXIMIZE your message! Create your signature movement.

Become an Authorized Licensed Mentor (ALM) in our network. We’ll give you the tools we’ve used to create a community through events and masterminds.

If you are a professional, speaker, coach, business owner, non-profit director, or entrepreneurs, and you want to get started fast with your own mastermind group to grow your organization and reach in the community, then this is the program you’ve been waiting for! Gain credibility from being a trainer, leader using our strategies and systems.  Be plugged into a well established and growing group. Get started fast, rather than spending time creating and refining your own system. It will free up your time, so you can stick to your business and what you do best! 

  • Mentorship training to help you lead people and create a movement.
  • Access to our top workbooks, workshops materials, curriculum, tools, templates, processes and programs to run your own meetups and masterminds.
  • Get exposure through cross promotion.
  • List one event per month in my Meetup group.
  • List one event per month in my Facebook group.
  • List one event in our website.
  • Connect and collaborate with other influencers, speakers, coaches, and experts.
  • Enjoy exclusive events and online training.
  • Learn my JV and collaboration secrets and strategies. 

This membership level requires approval to join. Click here to apply

Notes about Membership Levels, Descriptions, and Pricing:

Tools, Templates and Self-Paced Learning Programs: When logged in, members of the Coaching Consortium can access the tools in the Coaching Toolkit, and all members can access the tools in the Learning Lounge.

Please Note: This membership is for experts, speakers, coaches and strategists. We are not accepting any MLM businesses at this time. This membership is primarily for B2B and B2C type businesses.

Taxes and Membership Dues

Here are some tax tips from CRA about membership dues and possible rebate of any GST/HST you paid as part of your dues:

All income and GST from Inspired Influencers are reported as a marketing program under Affective Communications under GST# 885937292.

Let me know if you have any questions: Contact Me.

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