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Our passion is helping people to overcome, rise above and stand out in a noisy crowd. We offer various levels of membership for growing your life and business. 

Interview Paul & Jennifer Henczel

Thank you for your interest in interviewing us! We would love to be interviewed together or individually. Paul has a ...

Paul Henczel – Volunteer Speaker

Master your Message. Paul Henczel has gone from an injured mill worker to an international speaker. Paul speaks about the ...

Jennifer Henczel – Founder, Podcaster & Producer

"I help leaders increase their impact by igniting their inner influencer." Jennifer Henczel Founder Jennifer Henczel is a Podcaster, Best ...

Angela Feser – Social Media Scheduler

If you own a business and just can’t seem to find the time to keep up with your social media, ...

Our Story

I love creating opportunities for people to cultivate deeper connections and meaningful collaborations!

I started a business network in 2012 to create a circle of support for like-minded business owners. The network quickly grew to multiple chapters and I created a Leadership program where I train others to plug into my system to build their impact, influence, and income. I show them how to build communities while building their business.

I foster a culture of collaboration over competition, creating a friendly, yet very effective and professional environment for growing your business.

Being a business owner or non-profit executive can sometimes be isolating. It’s important to have a balanced marketing plan with both inbound and outbound strategies in place. Business today requires a solid online presence combined with face-to-face, relationship building activities.

So, or all those reasons, I created this community. My network continues to expand, because people want to connect, and guess what, they want to connect with YOU! So, I invite to join me in enriching our communities together.