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Friends of the Podcast

MASTER your message and mindset. Create your signature story

It’s time to rise above and step into your potential. Learn to tell your story to empower yourself and others. Explore, identify and write your stories for a signature book or talk. Your story matters!

5 Day Book Bliss Challenge

Welcome! Hi! I'm so glad you're here. How it Works in the Facebook Group Sharing your challenge responses and getting ...
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Majestic Mindset

5 Majestic Mindset Shifts for Getting Unstuck Watch this video to find out my “5 Majestic Mindset Shifts for Getting ...
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Storytelling Success System

Your story matters! Learn to tell your story to empower yourself and others. Story Academy is a professional development storytelling ...
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Inspired Influencers

MONETIZE your message & knowledge. Create your signature program

Level up! Tap into today’s top strategies. Download our workbooks, tools & templates to save you time in your business. Navigate all the marketing tools and options to create a client attraction system that works:

Princess of Programs

Client Attraction Program - Are you Ready to CRACK the Client Attraction Code? This is a Client Attraction System for ...
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Prince of Passive Income

How to create Hot Selling Programs to Earn Passive Income. Learn how to turn your expertise into extra income by ...
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Queen of Connection

After meeting people through social media, networking, and all Let's Setting up your systems for lead capture, landing pages, opt-ins, ...
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King of Content

Content Marketing Tools and tutorials for helping you effectively express your message, expand your reach, and connect with your ideal ...
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Building Your Castle

Building Your Empire

If you are not a member yes, sign up HERE - be sure to choose the Academy level of membership ...
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Jack of Joint Ventures

Open the Door to New Opportunities through Strategic Alliances & Joint Ventures Downloads Joint Venture Challenge SWOT worksheet ...
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