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5 Day Book Bliss Challenge

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Become an Author this year!

Learn how to self-publish your book in 5 days with Jennifer Henczel

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

  • If you’ve had a book idea burning in your heart…
  • If you have stories you want to tell…
  • If you want to share your journey to help others along the path…

…then you know it’s time to write your book!

Create Journals for your members. Print workbooks for your courses. Finally publish the manuscript that you’ve been sitting on for years!

Testimonial: I really enjoyed the mini book bliss challenge this past week. It really opened my eyes to possible opportunities I didn’t know I had, and have so much information on self publishing. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of writing a book. It’s definitely an eye opener! Thank you Jennifer (Corina Isaac).

Let me help you.

I’m not a publisher trying to sell you an expensive 10k+ publishing package. I’m a coach, speaker and expert just like you, and I’ve been self publishing for 10 years. I’ll show you how I’ve done it, step-by-step, what works now, and how you can do it, too – for no cost. That’s right, no cost.

Whether you’re new to all this, or you’ve already written some books, but want a more affordable way to publish, then this challenge is for you.

There are many benefits to becoming an author:

  • Increase your credibility.
  • Open new doors (more speaking gigs, events, etc.).
  • Create new streams of income.
  • Get media attention.
  • Get traffic to your website.
  • Attract your ideal clients.
  • Leave a legacy!

I posted on facebook,…

“Who of my friends wants to write a book?”

and to my surprise, there were even more than I expected! So many people have valuable life and business teachings to share. Everyone wants to help others, while creating income for themselves, right? So, I created the “5 Day Book Bliss Challenge.”

What will you get?

How will it work?

This is a fun, accelerated online training, so you can learn in the comfort of your own home or office.

  • Exclusive Facebook group where you’ll learn how to publish your book in 5 days.
  • Each day I’ll post a training video and challenge instructions (Replays).
  • Download the handouts, checklists, guides and workbooks (high-value exercises).
  • Complete apx. 20 – 60 minutes a day of homework.
  • Post, share and get feedback so you’re never left with unanswered questions.
  • Connect with other authors or authors-to-be!

Let’s kickstart your idea into reality!

You have the ideas, right?

Maybe you’ve even started writing.

Now, you just need the information and tools to push through and make it happen.

What people are saying…

Jennifer Henczel is the ultimate entrepreneur. I was reminded of this again while going through her 5-Day Book Bliss Challenge. She always has her participants’ ‘back’ in so many ways.  She gives every bit of information that will help create a successful result. She knows her topics inside & out, and she cares about every participant.  If you are considering the 5-Day Book Bliss Challenge, say yes to yourself. You’ll be glad you did! I am! (Wendy Yacboski).

Thank you for everything Jennifer, you have definitely provided a load of value for us to review and act upon, it was great as a beginner to be able to go from ‘where do I start’ to ‘I now have a plan to make this a reality’ (Elke Blight).

Thank you Jennifer for insights into a world I knew nothing about (Cathy Hebert).

Thank you for all your great content! I’ve enjoyed your program and will recommend (Meeka Caissie).

Imagine having this DONE!

I want to give you these tools to point you in the right direction, giving you clarity and focus around what to do next with your idea. Learn from me, my mistakes and my successes with using my books over the past 10 years.

It’s time to write your book! Let me help you. Here’s how…

DISCOUNT: Get $100 off. Only $197 for a limited time (Regular price $297). Get all the video training, resources and downloads. Access it at your own pace, so you can even make it a 5 week or 5 month course, if you want. You’ll get one-year access.

Get 1 year access to Book Bliss for only $197

There are 2 options for purchasing these templates: #1 Purchase individually in our shop OR #2 Join our monthly VIP Club.

OPTION #1 Purchase individually with a one-time price of $197

OPTION #2 You can get access to all of these templates PLUS hundreds more downloads, workbooks, journals, checklists and guides to help you grow your audience, turn your expertise into extra income and monetize your podcast for one low monthly fee when you join our VIP Club.

Once you submit your payment, we’ll send all the information to you.

See you in the group!

Jennifer Henczel

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