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Today, we interviewed Sabine Kvenberg about life-changing mindset transformations. Hear her stories and strategies for becoming a Master Manifester. Dream it, Feel it, Achieve it!

Sabine gives entrepreneurs and small business owners the tools to communicate confidently with their prospects and clients, elevating them to stand out from the crowd and putting their businesses into the spotlight.

Sabine was an actress and director in Europe for ten years before moving to the US to open a Performing Arts School that she operated for 27 years. Many of her students got started in the entertainment industry. Today she helps entrepreneurs craft their Celebrity Signature Message to cut through the noise. She teaches them how to authentically appear on video and live stages to deliver powerful presentations with ease and confidence.

She is the author of Secrets on How to Succeed in Showbiz and Unlock Your Ful Potential, as well as the co-author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller The Musical Imprint.

Sabine just released a 6-week Freedom Lifestyle Challenge teaching how everyone who desires more freedom and joy can do it:

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HOSTS: Jennifer Henczel

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[00:00:00] Hi, my name is Sabine Kvenberg, founder of Communication Coaching Center, and I am the guest of the Inspiring Influencer Show today. Welcome to the Inspiring Influencer Show, Paul and Jennifer Hensel. Host interviews with inspiring thought leaders, storytellers, entrepreneurs, and legacy builders just like you, learn from experts about finding your voice, mastering your mindset, and creating movements with your message.

[00:00:26] Enjoy uplifting stories and powerful strategies. Ready to transcend to new levels of success, happiness, and joy. Thank you so much Sabine for joining us today on our podcast. So just for our listeners, Sabine gives entrepreneurs and small business owners the tools to communicate confidently with their prospects and elevating them to stand out from the crowd and putting their businesses into the spotlight. [00:01:00] Sabine was an actress and director in Europe for 10 years before finally moving to the US to open a performing art school that she operated for 27 years. This explains her infectious personality and. Thank you so much for being a guest today on the Inspiring Influencer Show.

[00:01:25] Oh, you are so welcome and I am so honored to be here today. We just so loved meeting you at podcast and your energy is just amazing. And so tell us, what was that like? Your, your bio is so compelling to me. We didn’t really chat about this and I’m so curious. Tell us about what it was like being an actress and a director in Europe.

[00:01:48] What was that all about? Well, it’s all about really fulfilling your dreams. And this, this was not how I started out actually. When, [00:02:00] I was finished with school, I actually listened to the well meant advice of my dad who said, Sabina, find a job with benefits and a good salary so you can pay your bills and have something left over for your hobbies.

[00:02:12] But that he meant my little acting and singing, so I. And I ended up actually working, as a claim adjuster for an insurance company. As you can only imagine, that might be a dream job for someone else, but it was not mine. So, I found myself one day steering out of the window thinking, Oh my gosh, I cannot do this for the next 40 years.

[00:02:38] What is mine to do? Ask and he shall receive. That same week, I had the chance meeting with my former drama music teacher one night when I came home from work and he asked me if I was still active and acting and singing and dancing, and I said No. And then he said one thing that literally changed [00:03:00] my life.

[00:03:02] He said, What a shame? Sabina, you are so talent. Bam. That woke me up, , and I thought, Yeah, he is right. And that’s when I started really my career. And I had no idea how, by the way, but I just felt something compelling inside of me that said, Yes, this is what I love. This is what I enjoy. I supposed to make people happy, make them laugh, make them cry.

[00:03:34] And yeah, that’s basically how I started my career in the entertainment. Oh, that’s amazing. Well, you are a joy to be around. Anybody that gets the opportunity, definitely connect with Sabine. So, so tell us what, what happened next? So, I basically started my career. I wasn’t a, an actress, I was a stage and TV actress in, in Europe for 10 years.

[00:03:58] and during [00:04:00] that time, by the way, I think this might be something your listeners can, relate to, to often we were told, Oh, don’t do this, rather do that. Oh, there is, You cannot make money with that. Right. And so it was for me, you know, an actor, you don’t, this is a starving profession. But I said, Listen, I do not want to look back 40 years from now.

[00:04:25] Telling myself, then why didn’t you at least give it a try? And that’s how I overcame all the dreams dealers in my life and started the career and. After my, my training, I started as a stage actress and was a stage actress for two years. But after that I got an offer and I was in a series and we only filmed on TV and we only filmed for six weeks over the summer.

[00:04:58] But during that time, I [00:05:00] made more money than I did working the entire year as claim adjust. See, that’s what happens when you do what you love, the money will follow. Mm, that’s wonderful. So, and giving you that next step. So then I was actually, before I went, to the states, I, was working as director for a German company.

[00:05:21] And travel the world. So putting on shows and working with many different people, but that gets old very quickly, especially when you started a new family, like my husband and I. We wanted to do that and we said, Well, let’s settle down and let’s start our own business. Let’s start a performing art school.

[00:05:40] Back then, it was more like of a dance studio. How it, how it started, but it quickly developed into a performing art school, teaching everything from dance to music, to acting. And yeah, I did this. We moved to the states and that was another, step for [00:06:00] me and really connecting the dots, Jen and Paul. And having worked with some intuitive, people in my life.

[00:06:10] Then I realized I’m actually a master manifestor. Everything that I wanted to do or to have in my life, that was for the higher good. Of course, there’s some things you might want to, It’s not for the higher good, it just doesn’t work out. But everything else that’s for the higher. It worked out. Even if you don’t know the how yet.

[00:06:34] Oh, yeah. That’s such a great point. I mean, sometimes just believing in yourself that it’s gonna happen one way or another. Mm-hmm. , and then waiting for the universe to show you how it’s gonna happen. That’s, It’s a very freeing feeling. That’s beautiful. What a beautiful story. And that really comes through in your personality.

[00:06:54] You’re so vibrant, you don’t seem to hang on. To any negativities, [00:07:00] you’re just like a flow, constant flow of positivity. Yeah, I mean, not to say that there was no negative things that happened in my life, and you know, One. Well, of course, the, the first thing is like, yeah, when you lose a loved one, that’s very, very, heartbreaking as you very well know.

[00:07:24] Appall, you know, I, I know we had some conversations, was when my mother passed away, and that was. She was younger than I am now, which brings to perspective, but that also really led me to make the final decision to move to the states. I grew up in Humbold, Germany, and when my mother passed I, I kind of felt, okay, that is.

[00:07:49] My, my cue, I need to move on faster. And then the other thing, was when the big bubble burst in 2008, [00:08:00] 2009, I found myself in the midst of it because I was like investing in real estate and here and there and was, carefree and. So we found ourselves in a situation where we really had to make a tough decision, and that is to declare bankruptcy.

[00:08:21] So here you have two ways to look at it. Number one, oh my gosh, it is so terrible and what’s happening to me? And did I shed a few tears? Sure, we all do. We are human beings, right? But then I made a decision. And that was something when I listened to, I think it was at a Dr. A show. He said, Oh, if you go to bankruptcy, it will take seven years of your life away.

[00:08:51] Said, Uhuh, not for me. All right. It’s not for me. So I said, This is the best thing that can [00:09:00] happen and I’m just gonna release and let go. And, you know, and then we wanted actually the reason too, we wanted to sell our business back then, and then did an RV tour. Right. Well, Like five minutes till noon, so to speak.

[00:09:20] That cell fell through and I was not smart back then to put everything in writing. It was more of a handshake type of thing. And I lost a lot of clients through that, so I had to rebuild everything. So this is where I found myself, and that was a pretty dark time in my life. But I made a decision, you know, I’m gonna travel anyways, so my husband and I, we picked up our two dogs and we moved to St.

[00:09:51] Augustine, Florida, and that was in 2010. And, Even though we had, we had the [00:10:00] least cash in our lives at that time, but we had the most richest live experience living in a most beautiful place. And I tell you, everything else from there unfolded to where I am today. Oh, that’s so amazing. Yeah. A great story.

[00:10:19] Yeah. So tell us then, take us through, The process of what you teach people now. Yeah. And, and what you can share with our audience that, you know, we’ve talked about so many things, but I really wanna bring it back to your zone of genius. Yes, yes. So, of course my background is in the entertainment industry, acting I was an actress, I was a director, So as.

[00:10:49] Actor, you need to really, authentically relate stories so people can believe it. As directors, I worked with [00:11:00] actors to explain to them and relate to them how a full a story should unfold to make an impact on the audience. So I took all of that and then my teaching over the times that I had my performing arts school to now help entrepreneurs to tell a story effectively using really a scene and starting in the middle of a story.

[00:11:31] And also helping them be more confident in front of the camera because there are some techniques to it. But most importantly is, yeah, this is my, these are my skills. But throughout my experience as a coach and, and my experience as business owner and now also as online coach, I realized it [00:12:00] is more so important to teach the mindset, and I guess the, my genius is to combining all of these aspects to helping people reach.

[00:12:15] Their dreams and live a freedom lifestyle, which, I recently, started the, the six weeks Freedom Lifestyle. Lifestyle Challenge, helping people with a process and. Just to, to give you a little bit of a difference. I know there’s a lot of information out there and, you know, a lot of coaching and everybody finds what they need.

[00:12:45] But what I realized through the process, working through it myself, is there is a process of release and receive. . And if you do not prepare [00:13:00] yourself and just looking for the tools and the tactics and this tactic and strategy, but you are not set up the right way, this doesn’t matter. It doesn’t help you, right?

[00:13:15] You gotta prepare yourself and once you do, You open, It’s, it’s like energy. You will attract the right people and the, the right clients and, and everything is more in a better flow. So that’s where I really help people, at, at, at this stage in my life and hopefully helping them to create that freedom lifestyle that I now, You really, really walk your talk too.

[00:13:45] I mean, , you can tell you’re living a lifestyle that’s so rich, so fun, and so full of connections. And your mindset is really the key to all of that, isn’t it? Absolutely. [00:14:00] And. I tell you, this is something you have to, to grow into, right? I mean, I always had a positive attitude and I always was a go-getter.

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[00:14:14] But there is also a difference. Go. Getting alone is, is not everything you, you have to create your community as you so very well know, Jennifer. But there is this one process that I noticed every single time when I wanted to do something. Just to give you the latest example, after I had to pick up the, the business again that I had in Virginia, my school and I did, but they.

[00:14:45] A point in my life that I knew I was done with it and I wanted to move on because I felt deeply that this was my, my calling to do the next level, and, [00:15:00] and that was, I wanted to be back on stage, but in a different capacity, as a speaker, as a coach, teaching all my life experiences. So what I had to do is I had to go through a release process because there was fear involved.

[00:15:21] As you very well know, if we have that and not let go of it, we cannot go any further. And the fear for me was, Oh my God. That is a business that I built and, that’s my bread and butter. I started like on the side my, my coaching business, but that was really still the business that always pulled me back in and pulled my attention away from what I needed to do next.

[00:15:48] So until, and then there was the pandemic that again, put a wrench into everything. I had to pull, hold everything together. , but [00:16:00] last year or the year before, that was like in 2020, I told my husband, I said, I have to make a decision. And that’s a very important decision and that is to let go of it, release it, and say it publicly.

[00:16:19] Before it was always, maybe I find somebody who is buying it, right? So I went through that. Release process and it’s a process, and once I did it, it was so freeing and I also knew I, I released that fear in that moment that the right people would step forward and get what, guess what, the right people step forward.

[00:16:42] And I was able to, that day that I set very important. You always have to set a goal and a date for that. For that date. That was the new season in September. I said that will be a new transition. And September 3rd was that [00:17:00] transition of last year and I had a new owner that take over, the studio and now I was three to do.

[00:17:10] What I wanted to do and go to the next level. And I still use this now in my programs, helping my clients to go through that so they’re open to receive and, I’m very happy about this and, and see the results already. I love that, that you it, it’s not just about strategy, but it’s about the energy you have attached to these different processes and projects.

[00:17:36] That’s so incredible. So you help business owners with that to detach from the things that no longer serve them. Exactly, and not necessarily business owners. Of course, I work with business owners that want to transition. They are brick and mortar business to now have a freedom lifestyle business, bringing what they know online and working with client this way, wherever they are in [00:18:00] the world.

[00:18:01] And on top of that is, what you said about energy. I am also. Now I’m, I’m missing a songwriter as well, so I’m writing, my own songs that will help to, with my coaching because music is such a powerful tool and I’m now also a storyteller with music. So because people can understand. Stories and music and can relate to that.

[00:18:34] So for example, and I’m happy to share this with, with with your audience, there is, one song that I recorded and actually last year in Berlin, I recorded it with a ni dear friends called the Two Wolves. Are you familiar with that story? Oh my goodness, The two wolves. It’s, it’s about a, a native story that, it’s a legend that’s being told about [00:19:00] the two wolfs, the black wolf and the white wolf that live inside of us, and they’re constantly fighting.

[00:19:08] We all have them. And so a, an elderly tells the story and then the kids were asking, Well, which wolf win? The one that you’re feeding is winning the fight. Will it be darkness? Will it be light? You are the masters. You can decide which one you’re feeding. Darkness or light. Ooh, Wow. That’s awesome. What a trait.

[00:19:39] Nice. Oh, that’s beautiful. Of course, it, it sounds even a little bit better when you have the music behind it, but those are the kind of things that are very important for people to understand. If you combine music and emotions and motion with everything that you want. Do in your [00:20:00] life. Well, you are a powerhouse and you said something free that is unstoppable.

[00:20:07] Mm. I wanna say too, your socials are so entertaining. I just love seeing everything you produce and put out into the world every day. And it’s so helpful, so encouraging and so inspiring. Good. Always entertaining . That’s right. But, but you know, I wanna share one other thing. When you start collaborating with others and, and getting into communi, I, I was part of a mastermind and through that I got new connections and I was offered to be a co-author of a book called The Musical Imprint , and of course, is just down my alley and it’s about a.

[00:20:48] Song that made a big impact in your life. And so in that book, which became the number one Amazon bestseller, by the way,[00:21:00] in that story, there are different co-authors who share their stories. And I share the story of how a song and from a musical called Climb Every Mountain. Really changed the trajectory of my life.

[00:21:19] When I, had my school, I was actually, approached by a church to rent some space, and I said, as a business owner, sure, great. Sundays we are close. Right? But little did I know that. That was to be my new spiritual home and I learned so much and that song. Performed one day when it was the first day. It was second day when they came to our facility and I wanted to make sure they do the right thing.

[00:21:57] Right. And then I [00:22:00] heard the song, I was just, it touched me. And that same day the minister was asking, We are looking for a music minister. Jen Paul, I don’t know what happened to me. I’ve never done anything like this in my life, but my hand went up and said, Sure, if she sings climb every mountain from a musical hall, I think I could do that.

[00:22:22] And so that started my, , spiritual journey and my music writing journey, because that’s when I started writing music for services. And then later on for my, my clients as. So, and if you want to read the story, I’ll give you the link as well for, for your, listeners to, to, to read incredible stories in that song.

[00:22:46] In that book. That’s great. Thanks so much for sharing all that. Right now. I’m gonna run you through three quick questions. It’s a little speed round, so, Okay. First answer that pops into your, So first question, [00:23:00] what does Sabine do for fun? Gardening and being out in nature, like canoeing or hiking or climbing trees or skydiving.

[00:23:13] Nice. I like it. , what’s your favorite quote? Hmm. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Nice. I like that. And the last one is, who’s inspired you the most? Wow. It’s, it’s a combination really. Wayne Diya, Brandon Bouchard. Of course Wayne is gone, but Brandon is still my coach to this day. I am with him for 10 years.

[00:23:45] And of course, the great Tony. . Nice. Mm-hmm. . Well, Paul told you his story, didn’t he? Of, on your podcast, which, which I’ll put the links to that and the book that you mentioned in the show notes, but where he, he saw Brendan Brushard [00:24:00] speaking. And had an vision that he was going to speak in a, in a place without many people at some point.

[00:24:06] And it came true. Wow. Yes it did. Uh, when he shared that story with me, I was like, Yes, yes, yes. And so, and it’s interesting too, you sometimes see those. Quote unquote gurus, you know, sometimes they, refer to it, which I don’t, do. But I saw Brandon’s growth from 2012 when I started, you know, listening to him, following him to where he is now.

[00:24:41] And it’s so interesting to see. Well, they’re all human beings and you know, we are here. Paul, you are here to inspire with your stories and your, your talks that you’re doing. Jennifer, you are here inspiring so [00:25:00] many women in, in your groups and. You know, and I believe I do have a place as well, and people follow me.

[00:25:08] Follow me for who I am and not who Brandon Bouchard is, or whoever, right? But we learn from the masters and listen to this, we learn from our students. And when we combine that we cannot be anything else but. Oh, I love that so much. That’s so beautiful. Well, thank you so much for sharing with us today, Sabina.

[00:25:37] We just love connecting with you and, and we’re so thrilled and feel so blessed to have met you. And thank you for joining us here today on the podcast. Yeah, it was a great interview. Thank you. Thank you for having me and it, it’s mutual. I’m so glad that I met you and I know there are more things in the future stars for us.[00:26:00]

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