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Elevate Your Hustle – Jennifer Garrett

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Suit up. Show up. Move the Ball!

Those are motivating words from Jennifer A. Garrett, our guest today on The Inspiring Show. She shares about:

  • Why is getting the next first down important in life?
  • Lessons from football that people can use in their lives.
  • How to deal with rejection.
  • How she’s involved with helping current and former military service members and professional athletes.

Jennifer A. Garrett is an internationally recognized leadership coach, speaker, author, Army lawyer, and former Fortune 100 corporate executive who has a passion for helping and inspiring others, pushing boundaries, and driving individuals and organizations out of their comfort zones to achieve higher levels of success.

Jen has become known as a high-performance strategist and expert by teaching individuals how to cross the goal line by using principles from American football and her Move the Ball frameworks. With her football and business expertise, Jen’s organization, Feel the Push, also works with athletes as they transition “off the field” to be all-star players in life beyond the game.

Favorite Quote

“Make sure you’re not the smartest person in any room. Surround yourself with people who will challenge you.”

Attributed to many, rephrased by Jennifer Garrett

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