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How to Get Over Your Fear of Making Mistakes

Perfectionism stopped me from starting my podcast for a long time. I got trapped in a learning cycle for many years, even though I was excelling in other areas.

The thing is mistakes are part of the learning process. In fact, I’ve discovered that my deepest learning has come from messing up more than from doing things right all the time – that would be impossible.

One of the things that can break this cycle and help with moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset is shutting down that inner critic. That voice inside your head that shoots you down before you even get started.

The language you use is an important aspect of your results and success. It’s about reframing your thoughts that trap you in the past to positive ones that keep you present or moving you forward.

Little by little, phrase by phrase you can change your thinking pattern and fine tune your mind so it’s working for you. When you change your mind, you change your life.

For example, If you say…

Fixed Mindset: No one will listen to my podcast.

Change it to…

Growth Mindset: I have an important message and my voice matters.

I created a list with 36 common phrases that are examples of what happens in self sabotage and imposter syndrome. Your not alone! Others have experienced this defeating self talk, too. The good news is, you can rewire your brain for success.

When you download this workbook, you’ll see 2 columns – a column with the fixed mindset phrases and then how to change that to a growth mindset.

Use this workbook to empower your mind and infuse more joy into your day.

There are exercises and space where you can reflect and re-write on your own fixed phrases into growth mindset thoughts. Really make some time for this. This is your opportunity to feel good and level up your mindset. It’s a life changing experience!

It’s yours for free for a limited time. Download it now! Growth Mindset Workbook COMING SOON – CHECK BACK SHORTLY

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