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Influencer Camp is an informative, engaging 2-day program where you’ll learn today’s top strategies for creating multiple streams of income.

Focus + Framework = Freedom

Would you like to have more impact, influence and income?

Imagine if you could create a system that works!

What would that do for you, your lifestyle, and your business?

In this 2-day program, you’ll learn today’s top strategies.

What will we cover?

Exploring multiple streams of active and passive income

If your an expert, you could be making extra income right now.

Getting your funnel mapped out

Discover missing gaps, what you’re already got in place, and what’s your most essential next step.

Pricing your products

What’s working today to attract paying customers.

Creating Email marketing campaigns & autoresponders

Complimentary email copy and series.

Profiting from One-to-Many strategies

Creating hot selling programs and online courses. Get access to my Rapid Revenue system before, during and after the course.

Mastering 1-on-1 Strategies

Learn how to create and market a coaching program that sells. Learn the top strategy that all high-end coaches use.

Don’t worry…
This doesn’t involve actual camping 😉

It’s a 2-Day Bootcamp style training retreat conference or retreat facility. , where you’ll learn skills to grow your business, while experiencing many bonding, whimsical, camp-like sharing moments.

Want more fulfillment and freedom?

Are you ready to turn your expertise into extra time and money?


If you register for the Story Camp Weekend during the early bird, you’ll get these bonuses:

  • Bring a friend (two-for-one)
  • One year access to Inspired Influencers
  • Story Academy

This is your time to shine!

Connect with Jennifer Henczel about upcoming dates and pricing.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Rise. Reach. Results!

Discover the strategies you need to get the next level.

Rise. Reach. Results!


Day 1: 10:00 aM – 9:00 PM Friday, July 13th

Day 2: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM Saturday, July 14th



Watch for the next dates & locations coming soon.
Remember, this does NOT involve actual camping 🙂
It will take place in a retreat centre or conference facilities in or around Vancouver, BC Canada


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Meet the Speakers

Paul Henczel

Paul Henczel, BBA is a TEDx Speaker, Author of “Miracle in a Mill: Crushed Alive!” and the Co-Creator of Story Academy. He lives near Vancouver, BC, Canada. His obstacles have not stopped him from reaching his educational and professional goals, because he believes opportunities create stories and stories create opportunities. He uses his experiences from overcoming adversity and daily challenges to inspire and empower others to tell their stories. He offers his insights about “Mastering Your Message” and moving from tragedy to triumph through speaking, storytelling and Story Academy

Paul Henczel

Jennifer Henczel

​Jennifer Henczel is an Award Winning Leader, Author, Influence Strategist, and Founder of Connect Now Business Network, Inspired Influencers and Story Academy. She works with leaders who are ready to level up to create more impact, influence and income. She helps business owners navigate all of today’s top tools and strategies to create a client attraction system that works. Most importantly, she leads people through the process of creating harmony and abundance for themselves, while serving the world with their purpose. Jennifer has 20+ years of experience in leadership roles, speaking, training, online marketing, and delivering workshops and seminars at Universities, Government Funded Training Centres, and Corporate clients. She speaks on the topics of Monetizing Your Message, Majestic Mindset, Royal Funnel and more. You can find her through her website:​

Jennifer Henczel

About Jennifer Henczel

Jennifer Henczel is an Award Winning Leader, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Podcaster and Founder of Inspired Influencers and Women in Podcasting VIP Club. Jennifer’s mission is to lift women’s voices and stories globally. This is a collaborative movement and community where members inspire each other to turn their ideas into actions and live their dreams.View all posts by Jennifer Henczel

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