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Opportunity for Voice Over Artists

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Do you offer voice overs?

Do you offer voice overs? Would you like to be featured on the show? Can you provide us with an audio sample to play in the episode?

Our Women in Podcasting group is overflowing with amazing talent! So, we’ve decided to do an episode on voice over artists.

This is for people who offer voice overs as part of their service offerings. You can be new or well experienced, but please only submit if you are able to produce voice overs, because we’ll be showcasing you on the show as a voice over artist.

Jennifer Henczel, Women in Podcasting


To be considered, please review the requirements and fill out the form below to be considered:

DEADLINE: September 1, 2021


You must provide an audio download via a dropbox or other link where we can EASILY download your voice over audio sample. DO NOT send us to a podcast episode or other online sample that we can’t download and use in production.


  • You must also include your name, title and bio to be considered.
  • Include a link to your website or podcast.
  • Include your business and/or your podcast name, if you have one. OR if your a guest expert, your (like your website where your show notes or other samples live).
  • Podcast Host, producer + voice over artist – be specific so we can get it right when we introduce your clip on the show.
  • You must agree to the waiver to be considered.
  • Please know that there will be several voice over artists included in the episode and they will be presented in no particular order, but VIP Club Members may be given extra promotion.
  • You must be a member of the Women in Podcasting Facebook Group to be considered.
  • No rep or VA submissions will be accepted. You must be the one who will be featured on the show.


When the episode is ready, we’ll notify you and we ask that you please share the episode. We’ll send you the link and swipe copy, for your convenience.

Upon completion of this form, please check out the Women in Podcasting Show and other Podcasts. Your follows, subscribed and positive reviews are super welcomed ?



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