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Resilient Relationships – Isabell Mercier & Margarita Romano

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Treat Your Relationship Like A Million Dollar Client

Featuring Isabelle Mercier & Margarita Romano

Meet this energizing, powerhouse team! They’re story is truly inspiring. They teach today’s top leaders and entrepreneurs how to overcome to get a better outcome.

Unlike business, there are no schools for creating successful personal relationships. After almost 30 years of living and working together, and also working with couple-preneurs, Isabelle and Margarita have uncovered that there is great relationship wisdom in learning from what makes a business thrive.

Isabelle Mercier is a Brand & Business Performance Catalyst, (A.K.A. the Momentum Generator). A ‘no-nonsense’ dynamo helping passionate entrepreneurs identify, develop, implement, and deliver spectacular, impactful brands.

Margarita Romano is an Equine-Guided Strategist, (A.K.A. the Detail Nut). A “super freak” processor helping passionate entrepreneurs connect the dots to lead fulfilling lives driven by heart and soul.

Favorite Quotes:

“Well done is better than well said.”

Isabelle Mercier’s favorite saying

“Love is not what you do, love is what you are.”

Margarita Romano‘s favorite saying


“Sitting on the Fence How to Love Without Limits”

A book by Margarita Romano and published by Trailblazers Publishing

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