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I’m celebrating with a happy dance right now, because I’m so excited to have you on the team! Let’s get this party started ?

All the information you need to make some money is on this page, so BOOKMARK this page and check back here, because this page will evolve as we get closer to the release date.

How it Works:

You’ll share the swipe copy, images, main link and your discount code. When people click the link and use your code, they will get $100 off of $497 and you will then receive 50% of the resulting $397 sale.

Your affiliate commissions will be released between August 5th and August 10th. We need to wait at least 30 days after the launch is over. This is standard as the minimum time for most affiliate payouts. These will be paid out via PayPal, so make sure we have your PayPal email address.


The funds are in Canadian, so keep that in mind. Both the sale and payout may translate to less than those numbers in US funds, for example.

Assets – Swipe Copy & Images:

IMPORTANT: You can find all the swipe copy and assets including email and post content, images and stories for the “Standout Social Audio System” HERE. It’s a Google Drive folder. Copy & Paste the content from within the swipe copy file and save copies of the images and videos to your own drive or device:


Here is other important information you need to know:

Promote during these dates:

June 25th to July 5th ***DO NOT promote sooner.


Standout Social Audio System! The Ultimate Templates Package

Description: Get everything You Need to Jump Start Your Social Audio Success for More Visibility. Accelerate your learning and rise to the top of your niche. Stand out as a pro from day 1.

Links: or

Affiliate Commission:

The regular product price is $497 and your code will give your audience $100 off for a final price of $397. Then, you will get 50% of $397 when people use your discount code.

Your Affiliate Discount Code:

Each of you has a unique discount code. The code has a dual purpose – it gives your audience $100 off and it tracks the sales and tells us who made the referral. So, it’s critical you have your followers use the code to get the discount and so we can pay you the commission.

The codes are your first name and the first initial of your last name, all lower case. Always include your code when you share about the opportunity with “Enter this code for a $100 discount:…” or something like that. You’ll see spots in the swipe copy like this [your code] and that’s where you will replace the yellow bit with your code. The regular price is $497, but during the launch people can get $100 off with your code.

Angela Feserangelaf
Tracey Ehmantraceye
Martha Kisadhamarthak
Tracey D’Avierotraceyd
Megan Pizanameganp
Elizabeth DiCristofanoelizabethd
Stephanie Mojicastephaniem
Melanie Bensonmelanieb
Anyssa Carruthersanyssac
Meiko S Pattonmeikop
Serena Carcasoleserenac
Diana Keelerdianak
Candace Koltercandacek
Sabrina Boothesabrinab
Gloria Grace Randgloriarr
Laura Bauderlaurab
Antonia McClammyantoniam


The code gives people $100 off, but to further encourage people to use your code, you can offer your own bonus with the code, if you like, or you can simply refer to the one we provide. Our bonuses will disappear after July 5th. We’ll have a super valuable bonus listed, and you can simply say, “To get the discount and bonus, you must enter this code.”

We don’t have a sophisticated affiliate dashboard…yet… soon, but that’s how we’re doing it right now for this small launch. So, we’ll update you on stats and leader board as we go.

Reminder: You have committed to these requirements:

  • Share to your solo email at least 1 time during launch.
  • Share to your socials at least 3 times during the launch.
  • Communicate and respond effectively during the pre-launch and launch.
  • Include earning disclosures where applicable.

The more you share, the more we all WIN!


  • Make only 1 sale to get the the entire giant templates package for free for yourself.
  • Make top sales, get a lifetime membership in our Inspired Influencers Academy, plus an interview on The Inspiring Show or the Women in Podcasting Show, along with postings throughout our socials and an email blast to our community. Include your own CTA in the show notes and episode.

Earnings Disclaimer

You will primarily use the copy, links and code provided. But, depending on the laws in your country, you will need to include a disclaimer. This is required, especially if you do a blog post, or a podcast with show notes, or anything anywhere else on the internet. We are not lawyers, and you need to refer to the laws where you live, but here is an example of something you might include:

Legal: I formed a strategic partnership with Jennifer Henczel as an affiliate. I am an independent affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Jennifer Henczel if someone purchases the package using my discount code. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Jennifer Henczel.

G Drive Folder (do not share this link):


For your convenience, here are some of the images for quick access, but check the G Drive link above for all the images, videos and stories (right click on the images to save to your own device):

Individual products…

To your success!

Jennifer Henczel

Jennifer Henczel

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