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Affirmations Pack

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Affirmations Pack

Motivational and Confidence Affirmations Pack

Canva Templates + 365 Affirmations List + 365 Day Affirmations Journal + Workbooks

Canva Templates

Be inspired by our Canva Template designs. Customize them with your images, colors, fonts & logos.

Be empowered to post quality inspirational images like a pro.

So many people have moved their businesses online now. These templates work for anyone with any kind of coaching, speaking, training, teaching, or wellness business. Get inspired and be inspiring.

Motivational Affirmations

Sand & Surf Theme

Confidence Affirmations

Pretty in Pink Theme

Affirmations Journals and Workbooks

1 Year Affirmations Journal

Use this journal for your own personal daily uplifting reflections. Be empowered! Then get inspired to share your message with the world. Use the affirmations as writing prompts on each page. Turn those thoughts into wisdom you can share with your audience. Enjoy 365 Days of inspiration!

52 Motivational Affirmations

52 Motivational Affirmations Workbook

Motivate your audience with a weekly Motivational Affirmation post. Save time, stop the scroll and inspire your audience! This is a list and workbook of the motivational affirmation posts. Add them to your captions.

52 Confidence Affirmations Workbook

Inspire your audience with a weekly Confidence Affirmation post. Save time, stand out and inspire your audience! This is a list and workbook of the confidence affirmation posts. Add them to your post captions.



365 Affirmations

This pdf contains a whole year’s worth of affirmations that you can use to empower yourself. Share them each day in your captions on social. Chat about your reflections in your lives and videos.


Motivational Affirmations

Simply Elegant Theme

Mix & Match these with the first set for maximum impact.

Or, replace the affirmations with your own quotes, sayings and affirmations.


Canva Device & Frame Mockups

Easily pull your own headshots and images into these Canva frames for a professional, eye catching look.

About Me

Jennifer Henczel is an Award Winning Leader, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Host, Producer, Podcaster and Founder of Inspired Influencers and the Women in Podcasting VIP Club. Jennifer works with leaders who are ready to level up to create more impact, influence and income. She’s all about creating communities and opportunities for people to connect. Through her Inner Circle and VIP Club, she helps her clients navigate all of today’s top mindset and marketing tools to create a client attraction system that works. She teaches people about monetizing their message and creating multiple streams of income from their expertise.

I want you to know…

I’m an entrepreneur and business owner, just like many of you finding ways to get my voice and message out there. Learning Canva is an essential skill to create posts and content for everything from your promotions to your training materials and presentations and more. I created this package, because I wish I had something like this when I started at an affordable price to save me time and give me a quick start. The important thing is…

Now, more than ever, the world needs to hear your voice and message.

Posting regularly is critical for attracting your ideal audience and staying in front of your clients. Affirmations are a great way to build the know-like-and-trust factor with new connections. You just need to take the leap. It’s a tool you can use to open new doors, meet more people and level up your life & business.

So, you might be wondering how much for these templates & training, right?

Let’s break it down…

  • 52 Motivational Affirmations Canva Templates $997
  • 52 Confidence Affirmations Canva Templates $997
  • 52 Motivational Affirmations List & Workbook $97
  • 52 Confidence Affirmations List & Workbook $97
  • 365 Day Affirmations Journal to inspire your journey $97
  • BONUS: 365 Affirmations List to use on social $197
  • BONUS: Simply Elegant Theme $197
  • BONUS: Canva Device and Frame Mockups $297

$2779 Value

But, you don’t have to pay that.

Get it right now for only $27


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Pay only $17 throughout the month of love – February.

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Once February is over, this offer is over.

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About Jennifer Henczel

Jennifer Henczel is an Award Winning Leader, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Podcaster and Founder of Inspired Influencers and Women in Podcasting VIP Club. Jennifer’s mission is to lift women’s voices and stories globally. This is a collaborative movement and community where members inspire each other to turn their ideas into actions and live their dreams.View all posts by Jennifer Henczel

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