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Let’s celebrate Black Women in Podcasting!

We are thrilled and honored to highlight these amazing podcasters – each one a Black Women with a powerful voice, generous heart and inspiring life. Read their introductions in their own words. It’s all about connecting and celebrating together!

All Black Women Podcasters are invited to be included here, year round. So, if you’d like to be added to this list, message me HERE with your intro and link. Plus, feel free to introduce yourself in this thread in our Women in Podcasting Group HERE.

See our BIPOC Women in Podcasting list HERE.

Robin Owens

Leadership Purpose with Dr. Robin

I am a zone of genius locksmith and strategist for high achieving women leaders.
I help high achieving women leaders who find themselves stuck at the top of the wrong ladder of success… They are the first… or one of the first… to gain their particular achievement (for example, first woman in their department… first in the family to… or one of the first in the company’s history to…). Despite their success, they feel stuck, unfulfilled, and empty in their work.
I help them to unlock their zone of genius, so they can get unstuck and move into a new way of being that gives them more meaning, purpose, and fulfillment… without having to leave their job.

Colette Correa

Mighty Warriors

I’m Colette Correa—a passionate Senegalese-French-American podcaster.
I’m the podcaster host of ??? ?????? ???????? ???????—a podcast dedicated to inspire and encourage you to experience a deeper intimacy with God and to be transformed by His word in your everyday life.

Davina Blackett Smith

Dr. Davina’s Dots is all about short but sweet and powerful messages that make meaning out of the mundane and turn the ordinary into extraordinary ways to connect the dots in life.

Dionne Sanchez

Words of Heart

Just using the power of my voice for good!! Basically embody being warrior for change. The essence of my podcast Words of Heart is to encourage others & remind them that they are a warrior.

Raphie Wagner

Not a Momma Life.

I uplift and provide space for childfree women without judgement ?!

Nana Abena

Tea with Nana

Please check out the second episode of our podcast Tea with Nana, ‘Cancel Culture!’ Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share!

Angela Rushen Ross

So Cal Voices with Angela Ross

My podcast features candid conversations exploring news, culture and politics that impact southern Californians. You’ll hear relevant, compelling and inspiring stories on leadership, equity, perseverance and resilience, mental health, arts and entertainment.

Phi Rochon

The SSW Podcast

My podcast is one I cohost and it explores the view point of two clinical social workers examining social change, social justice, activism, oppression and racism from a social worker mindset.

Autumne Jae

Hairverything Podcast

A space for Black women and Black men to learn, listen, and uplift everything about Black hair. The podcast discusses the resurgence of the Natural Hair Movement, Black hair discrimination, trending hairstyles, and much more.

The host, Ms. Autumne-Jae, is a licensed cosmetologist and shares helpful tips and advice about how to maintain a healthy hair lifestyle. Ms. Autumne-Jae also shares her personal journey in learning how to love her natural 4C textured hair and hopes that listeners learn to embrace their natural hairstyles, too.

Visit learn more and follow @the_hairverthing_podcast on Instagram.

Dr. Erika Brown

Dr. Erika by Design

Ladies it’s time to take back the reins. If you are tired of living in your comfort zone and ready to rediscover the life you were designed for then you have come to the right place. This is a show focused on highlighting amazing women who are stepping out of the box, saying screw the expectations of society, and living on their own terms. Our guests are entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs and more. We talk about their journey, their struggles, their fears, and their successes. Each episode will bring you motivation and inspiration; provide support and tips; and we sprinkle in a dose of laughter and maybe even some tears along the way.

Check out the Dr. Erika by Design podcast. We are on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple.

Carlene Humphrey

Carlene Tonight

A show about relationships. We talk about dating in the 21st century and about life. Right now we are dealing with a pandemic, so we need ways to occupy ourselves and this show shares various ways we can cope with Covid19, and ways to connect with others for the future.

Jessica Belle

Unmute Your Mic

A space for people who have a story, for people who are tired of being silenced, and for people who are ready to inspire others with the things they have overcome.

Sarah O. Smith

Stay At Home Mom? Yea Right!

Hey! I’m a Stay at home mom who is rarely home! I have a podcast where I chat with parents about their inspiring lives and journeys. I’d love to be added to your esteemed list of Black Women podcasters.

Sha Janelle

Sha Rants a Lot

Hi! I’m the host of “Sha rants a lot” podcast where I spend time vulnerable personal experience, interview women who are experts in relationships, sex, empowerment and more! Check out the webiste.

Chantelle Coley

Do It On Purpose with Chantelle

Hello!! ????
Do It On Purpose with Chantelle is a podcast all about finding purpose, being passionate about your hustle, and being intentional about every thing you do! The podcast is real and filled with motivation! Take a listen.

Quinn Brown-Menier

Mamma’s Morning Cup

On this podcast hang out with Quinn and guests who are also fellow mommas will bring candid conversations covering the 5 pillars of: Inspiration, Family, Health, Careers, and the love of Books. Momma we need to fill up our cups while juggling careers, our dreams and a family. Momma’s Morning Cup is a weekly Podcast just for you to set your week up with; intentional stories, joy, laughter and a moment to yourself.

Delaware Blogger

Antionette Blake

Delaware Blogger

A weekly show that provides podcasting pointers for newbies and as well as veteran podcasters. In addition to the podcast, I also have a YouTube Channel which also provides podcasting pointers. I offer individual and group coaching sessions and am launching a podcasting studio in Middletown, DE on April 8th.

Your Way to a Business Profit

Blog Your Way to a Business Profit

Blog Your Way to a Business Profit is a weekly show in which I provide blogging tips and trends that will help new and veteran bloggers turn their passion into a profit.

Quietly Queen

Stassia Shunee

Quietly Queen

This podcast is a place of conversation about real life from a thought-provoking stance. Topics are variable promoting positive rhetoric. Also, if you have an event, non-profit or business etc; you’d like to promote get featured for a segment here on Quietly Queen to discuss your perspective or expertise! From politics, education, religion, dating, and societal issues; everyone is welcome! Email feedback guest request to: Also available on iHeart Radio?

Oluwatoyin Oluwaseun-Apo
The Meade Musings

Oluwatoyin Oluwaseun-Apo

The Meade Musings

The Meade musings is a podcast for everyone ,it is a podcast where everyday people share real life experiences of living with difficult illnesses and disabilities.
Our aim is to break societal stigmas on people living with disabilities and reduce the impact on mental health for everyone by getting more people to talk about these social issues, illnesses and disabilities.

Ebony Marshall & Ebony Jones

My Ebony Friend

This is the journey of two best friends, who met on account of both being named Ebony. Becoming close and growing to realize how oddly similar their stories are, a friendship soon blossomed into a sisterhood. Both navigating the ins and outs of womanhood , listen in as they connect with friends, associates and strangers sharing experiences both high and low.



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