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Bamboo Metaphor

By Jennifer Henczel

Bamboo doesn’t seem to be doing much for the first two years, but by the third year, large stems begin to breakthrough the surface

It’s actually the fastest growing woody plant on this planet, with some species growing up to 1 meter per day.

Up, up, up! You can practically watch it grow. You know?

When the stems surface, every node and every leaf are already in place.

It was growing all this time. The whole time.

Bamboo is naturally strong and graceful. It symbolizes vitality, flexibility, and tenacity.

Bamboo is used for shelter, to fashion tools, and can hold hillsides in place against raging waters.

Each stem grows independently, but supports the stems around it.

It propagates quickly, bringing beauty to our world in the form of landscapes, sounds, and feelings.

It gives joy and peace to everyone everywhere who sees it, hears it, and feels it.

It can be all things. All things. ALL THINGS!

It is the paper, it’s the brush, and it’s the inspiration of paintings.

Bamboo is on the planet waiting to serve and receive.

Leaders, speakers, experts, coaches, and storytellers…

Don’t be discouraged when things seem slow in your life or business. Things may be happening in your favour that you don’t even know about yet.

You are bamboo. Your gifts are a gift to the world.

You help others to reveal their own strength, beauty, and UNLIMITED possibilities.

You have been both the GIFT and the GIVER.

…As it is, NOW, in each of us.

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