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I wanted to let you know about this because it’s only available for from Oct 4th – 9th

Wondering what the heck I’m talking about? Here’s what it’s all about…

I know these two rebel entrepreneurs, Dan R Morris & Rachel Marie Martin. Every year, they put together the ultimate A-Z resource on a topic.

This year it’s about podcasting. Everything you need to set-up, grow, be a guest on, market and build a successful podcast.

And then they offer it for 5 DAYS ONLY at 1% of the normal retail price. 

It almost sounds too good to be true, but I’m here to tell you that it’s VERY real.

They do it by bundling together one massive “kit” of online trainings that cover everything from How to Set Up a Podcast to Editing to Livestreaming.

It’s not too late to start your podcast. Podcasting is the fastest growing media and opportunity right now, especially since Amazon added podcasts to their platform.

Plus, you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to have a desire to share your message. You can get started right now with the Podcaster Kit!

I’m one of their contributors of their bundle again this year, and take a look at what else is in it: 

  • How to edit your podcast in under an hour
  • Launch your podcast roadmap for busy people (with complete intros and outros)
  • Anticipation Marketing of a Podcast
  • Podcast Templates for Marketing on Pinterest
  • How to get your first 100,000 downloads in 100 days
  • Profitable Podcast Workflow
  • SEO for Podcasts
  • Legal Templates for Podcasts
  • Turn your podcast into a book
  • Interview Podcast Masterclass 
  • Rock your podcast interviews
  • 5 Steps to making Content for a Spiritual Audience
  • Podcast Magazine Lifetime Subscription
  • Creating Loyal Brand Podcasts
  • Grow Your Business as a Guest Expert
  • :30 minute Marketing Consultation with Audioburst
  • Podcast Editor Academy
  • Christian Podcasters Assoc Bronze Membership
  • Making Podcast Content in One Hour
  • Fail Fast 30 Day Podcasting Challenge
  • Podcast Conversion Blueprint
  • and 21 more . . . 

And we’re talking about big name podcast experts like Tim Paige, Michelle Abraham, Kyle Bondo, Matt Callanan, Josiah Goff, Tom Kelly, Ben Kreuger, Isabel Leong, Mike Stewart, Anjel Hartwell, Brittany Bennion, Raz Kaplan and more. . .

Podcast Kit is live! Get it now for just $39

I mark my calendar for this flash sale every year.

So, if you’re done with googling around to try and find the best advice on the internet for nothing, sifting through the phonies, and the non-helpful ‘7-Step Plans’ to success…

And you’re ready to learn from vetted & approved experts who only teach methods that are actually making them money in their own podcasts…

Here’s the catch. The doors to this offer close on October 9th at Midnight and then this “stack” of trainings will never be offered again.

So you don’t have much time to wait!!

That’s why Dan & Rachel put TONS of information on that page linked above—it should answer ANY question you may have. 

Here’s my honest recommendation to you…

Don’t “X” out of this page and move on to another task. Get your own podcast marketing library and use it to save time, grow your audience and gain more freedom this year. Go right now! 

Find out about ALL the incredible trainings Dan & Rachel gathered up and how you can get access:

I can’t wait to “see” you on the other side,

Jennifer Henczel

P.S. Yes, the October 9th deadline is firm. Dan & Rachel don’t make any exceptions to those that email them after that date. It’s the only way they can justify such a low price. Click here to read more and get your hands on this awesome “kit” of courses.

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