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A Curated Collection of Podcasts featuring Empowering and Entertaining Stories

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These podcasts will inspire you, make you laugh and teach you new things about the world and about yourself.

I’ve curated a collection of podcasts that feature stories about overcoming adversity, great adventures, achievements, life’s journeys, inspiring interviews, business success and more.

The most interesting parts are the people behind the podcast. We encourage you to genuinely connect with the stories and people that move you. Then, vote for your favorite to be featured at the top of this page.

First, let’s talk about stories. If you’re familiar with our origin story, you’ll know that we’re all about the power of storytelling. Stories are uplifting and empowering. Telling your story can even be healing and help with recovery.

Stories make you memorable. In fact, stories are twenty two times more memorable than facts alone. Stories engage a number of parts of the brain. Stories win over Facts & Data every time.

In business, your story is your brand. Stories are the most powerful marketing tool.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin

This is especially true if your story conveys a message related to things your audience cares about deeply. According to Jennifer Aaker, Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, “Studies show that we are wired to remember stories much more than data, facts, and figures. However, when data and story are used together, audiences are moved both emotionally and intellectually.”

A story is a journey that moves the listener, and when the listener goes on that journey they feel different and the result is persuasion and sometimes action.

Jennifer Aaker, Professor of Marketing at Stanford

Podcast Ranking?

No, no, no. No ranking. These podcasts are in no particular order. All of these podcasts are worth a listen. Big or small, every podcaster here puts in time to create great episodes for you – the listeners. We’re featuring them here to help you find them, and help them be heard. We want to connect people through great podcasts.

Many of these podcasts are new or want to grow their audience. Our aim and hope is to simply help everyone listed here get more genuin listeners and subscribers.

Ultimately, we love podcasts and podcasters. Podcasts are a great way to connect people. Connection is everything!

Okay, so let’s introduce you to some amazing stories!…

Featured Podcasters

The Inspiring Show

Host: Paul & Jennifer Henczel

Paul & Jennifer Henczel provide inspiring interviews with today’s top thought leaders, storytellers, entrepreneurs, influencers and legacy builders, just like you. Be motivated by stories and strategies about overcoming adversity, achieving astounding accomplishments and going on amazing adventures. Learn from experts about finding your voice, mastering your mindset and creating movements with your message. Tap into timeless wisdom and get tools for transcending to new levels of success, happiness and joy.

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Tea with Mike

Host: Michael Johnson

Welcome to the Teawithmike community On the show, Mike sits down with guests from around the world and discovers their stories. Podcasters, Creative Artists and Entrepreneurs are amongst the many that have joined Mike in conversation, and shared their stories over a good cup of tea!

Technology and the Internet have changed the way we live our lives. Believing in building real relationships and genuine connections. Teawithmike has been created to remind us that there is still time in our daily lives for creating conversation, meeting new people and what better way to do it than over a good cup of tea.

The focus is on storytelling and the unique things that people do rather and avoid negative and controversial topics because there’s so much of that already in the world.

Mike believes everyone has a story to tell. This Podcast encourages people that they can build something from nothing. We need to keep storytelling and conversation alive.

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Success & Empowerment Stories

Succeed Against the Odds

Host: Francesca Anastasi

Get a boost of inspiration with practical advice and tips. Enjoy intimate conversations and interviews with influential guests and experts. Gain insights and information ranging from mindset and personal development, to business growth. Hosted by Francesca Anastasi, the Succeed Against the Odds show gives you information and strategies to help you unleash and ignite your passion, to live a fulfilling life… both on a personal level as well as in business.

Be inspired by Francesca Anastasi’s story of going from homeless to CEO. Francesca Anastasi is a business growth strategist, consultant, and mentor. The creator, producer and host of the Succeed Against the Odds show, she is dedicated to working with and inspiring entrepreneurs of all ages. She also created the Magnificent You women’s conference.

The Invention Stories Podcast

Host: Robert Bear

This podcast shares the journey the inventor goes on since having the idea on the Invention Stories Podcast. In each episode, Robert Bear interviews an inventor who shares their advice on what to do and what to avoid.

When Robert Bear learned that less than 5% of all inventors fail to make their initial investment back he knew the invention system was broken. I believe your best chance of succeeding in inventing is to learn from those who have invented already. I began writing their stories on and later interviewing them on the Invention Stories Podcast.

You can feel their emotional journey being shared in every episode. They’ve made their dream come true!

What Led Her Here

Host: Kim Short

This podcast explores the defining experiences of women’s lives. The goal is to give women a platform to share their stories and the wisdom they have gained through their life experiences, in the spirit of inspiring and empowering others to live their most authentic and joyful lives.

Kim Short is a mama, entrepreneur, podcaster, actress, volunteer and dog lover. Her passion is empowering women and girls and she feels really lucky to have found ways to incorporate that into both her professional and personal endeavours. The idea for this podcast originally came to her when reflecting on time she’s spent with girlfriends. The nuggets of wisdom she’s taken away from those conversations have had a huge impact on many areas of her life and her goal is to share that incredible wisdom with the world!

Kim challenges listeners to live authentically – challenge societal pressures/norms and choose to live in your truth and power, according to your values. Don’t be afraid to fail – step outside your comfort zone and do scary, hard things in order to build your confidence muscle. Be vulnerable – when we’re real and raw, it gives others permission to be the same, which creates deep connections.

More Than A Mother

Host: LaWann Moses

This podcast is empowering you to own your identity outside of motherhood. The Host, LaWann Moses believes you can pursue your dreams and be a great mom at the same time. On this show, they take a deep dive into all the things: parenting, business, work, personal development, and so much more.

From solo episodes to guest interviews, the conversations are real, raw and transparent, jam-packed with strategies, tips and tools to help you on your motherhood journey. Now is your time to find the freedom to do more of the things you love and enjoy!

LaWann Moses is a Productivity and Success Strategist who helps moms master their mindset and own their time so they can make money moves. LaWann equips her clients with tools needed to strengthen their sense of self and reclaim their power so they can find the freedom to do more of the things they love and enjoy. LaWann believes love is the greatest gift of all and she strives to do everything in love. LaWann is helping moms redefine what it means to be a mother and remember that they were women before they were mothers. Through storytelling and guest sharing, LaWann is showing moms they can have it “all”, whatever “all” means to them!

Beyond 6 Seconds

Host: Carolyn Kiel

Beyond 6 Seconds goes beyond the six seconds we typically take to make a first impression by diving into the extraordinary stories of everyday people. Host Carolyn Kiel interviews entrepreneurs and other leaders about how they’ve overcome obstacles to build their careers, shape their lives and achieve their goals. From corporate CEOs and media stars, to technology leaders and first-time entrepreneurs, more than 100 guests have shared their candid stories on the podcast about the ups and downs in their journeys.

Beyond 6 Seconds is a platform for everyday people from a diverse range of backgrounds. They share their stories of what success and failure really look like – a refreshing contrast to the “endless hustle” and “overnight success” narratives that dominate social media.

Listeners get to see how people like themselves overcome huge challenges and are inspired to take action in their own lives. My psychology and training background informs my unique interviewing style, which helps my guests feel comfortable sharing their vulnerable moments and profound insights with my listeners and me.

Epic Exchanges

Host: Kelly L. Snider

An Epic Exchange is any interaction where one or all people leave being inspired, encouraged, motivated or even transformed. We all have at least one story that can do this – the key is to find it, heal it and discover the blessing in the challenge. Then use it to inspire others.

The EXTRAordinary Podcast

Host: Nate G

This podcast profiles ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

The host and guests share how to remodel your life the same way you would remodel your home. To create an Extraordinary lifestyle by design.

The host, Nate G is a multiple ironman finisher, Father of 5, Small business owner, Endurance athlete and Ultra runner.

Radically Different

Host: Sam Kern

Radically Different is a real-time exploration of lifestyles and career paths that break from the American norm, told through the eyes of global adventurer and recent college graduate Sam Kern. Follow along as Sam uncovers the most exciting and forward-thinking communities, movements, and paradigm shifts happening around the world right now. Through long-form interviews and highly produced immersive episodes, Sam shares the stories and ideas of global adventurers, thought-leaders, community builders, globally-minded entrepreneurs, and visionaries – all of whom are somehow pioneering a “radically different” way forward.

Be exposed to lifestyles and careers you may have not previously known existed. Get practical advice and inspiration from global adventurers, thought-leaders, community builders, globally-minded entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

Sam recently did a viral TEDx talk titled “The Surprising Power of Remote Work”, in which he explains the often overlooked power of digital nomadism – how it can be leveraged to win back your time, pursue side-projects, do “life experiments”, and work with nearly anyone in the world.

Stimulus Podcast

Hosts: Mike Frizzelle and Brendan DeKemper

Each week we have a beer and a good time talking to interesting people and keeping the discussion on the lighter side. We are entrepreneurs that talk to other entrepreneurs that inspire us, all while having an entertaining conversation.

Mike Frizzelle – Owner & Operator of Able Ebenezer Brewing Company, voted best craft brewery in NH five years in a row. Brendan Dekemper founded Litter Crew, which is an organization dedicated to cleaning up public areas within NH.

This podcast is packed with information from an entrepreneur’s perspective, but delivered in a light hearted and fun way.

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Inspiring Stories

Silver Lining Conversations

Host: Tracey Ehman

The vision of the Silver Lining Conversations podcast is to positively impact people around the world with hope, inspiration and insight into the power of positive thinking. We all will face, or are facing, some kind of adversity in our lives, whether it be health, relationship, or business obstacles. It helps to hear other people’s stories and insight to move you along the path to finding the silver lining in any situation and hopefully assist in changing to a positive mindset.

Be inspired to find the silver lining. Hear how others found a way to overcome adversity and find strength in other’s journeys.

Silver Lining Conversations was created in response to hearing how so many people have managed to find a way to rebound and grow after being dealt a life-changing diagnosis, heartache or incredible obstacle. These inspirational stories have had such an impact on the host, and on those who listen in.

The Short Story Show

Host: Susan Cormier

The Short Story Show features entertaining, accessible short stories that can be enjoyed by everyone from teenagers to the elderly. This podcast is perfect for listening to in short bursts – while stuck in traffic or on hold with a phone call – or you can download several episodes to entertain yourself while tackling chores. Each compact weekly episode includes three five-minute unique, original stories from storytellers around the world – and minimal host chatter. The back catalogue includes over 150 stories. Some are hilariously funny or poetically profound; others are heartachingly sad; some are downright spooky.

Susan Cormier is a multimedia writer and performance artist. She is the producer of Vancouver Story Slam, Canada’s longest-running live storytelling competition (and the second-longest-running in the world). Susan has won or been shortlisted for such awards as CBC’s National Literary Award, Arc Magazine’s Poem of the Year, the Hemingway Short Story Competition, and the Federation of B.C. Writers’ Literary Writes. Her writing has appeared in such publications as West Coast Line, Sub-Terrain, Blood and Aphorisms New Fiction, and several major anthologies. In her spare time, she is a beekeeper.

Storytelling is a universal art that can be created, shared, and enjoyed by virtually anyone with the power of language. YOU can tell stories! You are already a storyteller, even if you don’t recognize it. Every time you share an amusing anecdote with a friend or answer the question, “How was your day?” you are telling a story.

Iconic Women Podcast with Sarah Heeter

Host: Sarah Heeter

The Iconic Women podcast is a family-friendly podcast all about jaw-dropping amazing women accomplishing incredible things. Each episode, take a crash course on individual women who have helped define what it means to be a woman. These women are iconic for breaking barriers, overcoming obstacles, and defying standards and expectations. Some have made the world a better place, and others could be considered dangerous, and even downright deadly… But ALL of them have made a MAJOR impact. From Cleopatra to Mother Teresa to Oprah, from pirates, to queens, to scientists, to everyday teenagers… this podcast covers it all.

Serendipity Stories

Host: YeSeul Kim

A chance encounter with a stranger. An unexpected romance. A dream that originates from a discarded newspaper. In the moment, it’s hard to explain these experiences. We might call it luck, fate, a freak accident, or a coincidence. But over time and upon reflection, when we find meaning in those special events, we call it serendipity.

Join host YeSeul Kim to discover the moments of serendipity that forever changed the life trajectories of our guests. Expect stories full of irony and whimsy, love and tragedy, and despair and hope.

This podcast has taken the universal concept of serendipity and humanized it with stories about real people who faced adversities, crises, and adventures.

No matter how much you try to control your life, sometimes life just happens to you. Seek serendipity and dare to dream.

YeSeul Kim is a social entrepreneur who merges the science of analyzing big data, the art of qualitative research, and the application of a growth mindset to fuel her passion for solving complex social problems.

The Power of Investing in People

Host: Shā Sparks

The Power of Investing in People podcast shares the journeys of those who invested in themselves and the people around them. From interviews with business and military leaders to people who have found their purpose and started a non-profit, their stories will inspire you to invest in yourself first so it overflows onto your family, your business and your community.

Shā finds the treasure in each person’s story. Most have turned their experiences into a business or non profit. Some have written books and shared their own lessons learned along the way.

Shā believes, “When we share our own lessons learned of overcoming obstacles, we ignite a tiny spark of hope, love, connection, and community. And when we ignite that spark, the whole world lights up. That’s The Power of Investing in People!”

Shā Sparks has taken the obstacles of abuse, addiction, depression, anger, low self-worth, and more to guide others transform their trauma into treasure. Shā is the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) of Sparks of Fire International, LLC, a Certified Fearless Living Coach, host of The Power of Investing in People Podcast, host of “Hey Shā, What Do I Say?” Facebook Live Show, author of “How to Get Your Voice Back”, and Co-Founder of #FIRESTARTERS Book Project.

Fun with Fundraising

Host: Diana Lund

Fun with Fundraising is a podcast about fundraising for charity, and how to have fun doing it. You will hear interviews with amazing fundraising stories as well as getting to follow the hosts own 2021 fundraising project for $100.000.

Diana Lund is a volunteer fundraiser, and her main goal is to inspire others to fundraise for their favorite charity. Diana fundraises for the MS society, as her husband has MS. She recently raised over $10.000 for the MS society through a online auction setup she made on Facebook.

Learn how to ask for donations, how to be okay with getting a no and how to make fundraising fun for you.

My Way of Thinking

Host: Lee Greenhough

This podcast looks deep into brilliant individuals that have something to say. Lee thinks Human beings are amazing and is chatting with the best of them to find out what makes them tick and what lessons we can learn, with some laughs along the way!

Lee is a filmmaker and radio who is interviewing amazing people from around the world and getting their story.

The guests on this podcast have overcome insurmountable odds, they follow their dreams and more than anything they always want to helps others. Discover how to follow your passion regardless of ability. While the world can seem negative at times, it’s important to find a positive message, and that’s what this podcast delivers.

Ask Win

Host: Win Charles

Ask Win is a podcast about celebrating life with people from different walks of life, with a focus on those sharing their stories through writing books and/or blogs. We take a look into daily life issues, especially for those storytellers, writers, publishers, artists, journalists and podcasters who have or are serving those with mental or physical disabilities.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Win Charles has defied the odds by becoming an author. Her memoir I, Win is an amazing story of how she remembers her life through the years of having a condition called “CP”. As a competitor in the Kona IronMan Triathlon, and motivational speaker, Win Charles truly is an inspiration to many. Today Win Charles tours the country, speaking to schools and institutions to raise awareness about cerebral palsy and living a full life no matter what holds you back. She is also an advocate of veterans across the world.


Host: Kate Brenton

Stories of women changing lives by finding their own, and finding magic in the mundane.

Writer + holistic mentor + podcast creator, Kate Brenton helps women connect the dots between their purpose, passion, and true brilliance. She loves meeting women where they are and guiding them back to their center. Kate’s holistic work combines life experience with her studies of Polynesian Healing Arts. Clients work with her one-on-one, in intimate online settings + on retreats. The Rebirth podcast was born from a desire to help another woman trust her instincts and take the leap in front of her; each episode is curated to be a resource and a friend.

When you least expect it grace comes, here are stories of proof. Listening to your own true voice will get you everywhere. And there are alternative voices and paths to get where you need to be, you may find some resources here at Rebirth.

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Life’s Journey Stories

Catexplorer Podcast

Hosts: Hasara Lay & Daniel Lay

The Catexplorer Podcast is for people who explore the world with their cats – from hiking, to kayaking, and even going to brunch together. Hear from other catexplorers and cat experts about how you can give your cat the world.

Hasara Lay is the founder of Catexplorer. While training her 2 cats, Lumos and Noxie, she was first shocked to realise that there are other people like her around the world who explore the world with their cats. She then created Catexplorer to give all these people a sense of belonging and a place to come together.

Daniel Lay is Hasara’s husband, a first time cat dad and an engineer. He co-hosts the Catexplorer Podcast with Hasara and funnily enough, is also allergic to cats!

People will hear the possibilities of what they can do with their cats, how to do it and learn that we all started at the beginning.

The Catexplorer Podcast shares the stories of a variety of catexplorers – not just the ‘famous’ ones but also the beginners.

Kume: Turning Point Diaries

Host: Yelka Kamara

A bi-weekly podcast where we share stories of critical moments in our personal and professional lives. Each episode host Yelka Kamara sits down with a fascinating guest to talk about the experiences that have had a major impact on them. These intimate lessons and precious stories often go unheard. Join Yelka and her guests as they dive into moving personal journeys covering identity, health, relationships, purpose, spirituality, loss, and transformation. Be inspired along the way.

Yelka is a connector and storyteller who descends from 28 generations of the Finah–Mande poets and oral historians from West Africa.

Yelka shares her own transformative experiences and encourages listeners to embrace their story. When we live an experience we not only get a lesson, but we get a story; a story that can be pivotal, not just for oneself, but also for others. Own your story and be authentic in its telling.

Any moment can be a turning point. Our experiences, positive and negative, shape who we are. By reflecting on those turning points, we can gain a better understanding of who we are and who we are becoming.

Relish The Journey

Host: Myles Biggs

There is something extraordinary about each and every person in this world. Everyone has a story to share and experiences we can learn from. From your close family and friends to entrepreneurs, business owners, and social-justice champions – we’re on a mission to interview them all. We’re on a mission to interview the world.

Myles Biggs is a passionate storyteller. As a podcaster, marketer, and business coach he loves helping others uncover their talents and then share them with the world. He has a TEDx Talk and book release coming up in October 2020.

Find out how no matter what people have accomplished, there is always so much more beneath the surface that we can learn from. You can learn something from EVERYONE and their stories. Mindset is everything.

Hot Flashes & Cool Topics

Hosts: Colleen Rosenblum & Bridgett Garratt

This is a weekly podcast for women in midlife and beyond where we talk about everything to do with this amazing time of life. This podcast is working hard to change the “old” narratives and reflect a more modern midlife.

The question we want you to answer: How do you want to spend the next 30 or 40 years of your life?

Colleen and Bridgett cover relationships, careers, menopause, authors, celebrity midlifers, travel and much more.

Wander By Proxy

Host: Leah Falyn

Wander By Proxy brings stories from women who share their priceless experiences collected while traveling—moments where, while they left the safety of home, they suddenly felt more connected to themselves, the people around them, and the world. When women exercise their power through travel, chances are they’ve recaptured something in themselves or have discovered something completely new.

Wander By Proxy satisfies a travel fix that’s bound to take you where you want to go—vicariously. Wander By Proxy is hosted by Leah Falyn and is available every other Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts.

Leah Falyn is a lifelong storyteller and story consumer of many forms. With a career background in broadcast journalism, copywriting, and public relations, and a personal background of being a lifelong reader, writer, and traveler, her skills collected to form the creation of Wander By Proxy. As an Enneagram type 7, Leah is always eager to hear new ideas and stories that provide a thrill for both her and her listeners. She’s always keeping the adventurous spirit alive, and her podcast is one of her chosen creative outlets.

Be empowerment to buy the plane ticket, open eyes to different perspectives, ideas, and cultures. Enjoy an introduction and vision of alternative female lifestyles revolving around adventure.

Remnant Stew

Hosts: Leah Lamp and Dr. Steven Meeker

A fortnightly podcast featuring bizarre and intriguing true stories. Leah and Steve research, write, and host each episode of Remnant Stew.

Leah, the creator of the podcast and fanatical taco enthusiast, has always collected weird and bizarre stories even from childhood. She enjoys seeing the world as an intriguing place and encouraging others to see it that way as well. Steve has been an avid educator for over 40 years and is currently teaching 6th grade social studies. He is an intrepid world traveler and a bottomless well of historical information, dad jokes, and off-the-wall trivia.
You’re invited to turn off the perpetual negativity of the news and tune in to something educational and lighthearted. See that the world is an intriguing and glorious place still full of wonder. Be encouraged to choose kindness and to always stay curious!

The Uprooted Podcast

Host: John & Christine Joines

A comedy variety podcast about life, love, parenting, and what it’s like to be uprooted from everything you’ve ever known and start anew in a new state all alone.

John & Christine are a dynamic husband/wife duo that will do anything for their kids, including moving across country for a better life! Married nearly 13 years, we have fun as we approach the trials and tribulations of life, love, and parenting. Honest, real talk with real people.

These two have a dang good time talking to each other once a week!

The Millennial Agenda

Host: Josh Gunderson

People think Millennials are out to ruin the world, he’s just trying to survive it. Join Josh Gunderson as he navigates life in the best way he knows how- with laughs and a bottle of wine.

Josh Gunderson is an author, blogger and aspiring crazy cat lady living in Orando, Florida. His greatest joy is telling stories that leave a positive impact on people’s lives while also entertaining them. He has toured all over the United States as an educational speaker and is an avid runner.

Josh is a storyteller and the goal of this podcast is to bring a voice to a very misunderstood generation and let people know exactly what is going through our minds (hint: it’s not avocado toast).

It’s okay to admit you don’t know something, you just have to be willing to learn. Laugh often because life is too short.

The Light Inside

Host: Jeffrey Besecker

The mission of The Light Inside is in building engaging interaction through an empowered community spirit of collaboration while investing in others. We are all struggling to find The Light Inside. That spark that connects us all…It ignites the fire that sheds light on our lives; Our World. Discovering that light frees us to live our truest, most authentic selves. To be our best version of who each of us can become.

Jeffrey is a soulful business and leadership coach, brand development specialist, and people connector obsessed with helping creators, founders and start-ups discover clarity in their vision & purpose.

Jeffrey believes our experiences ultimately shape us. They leave us indelible changed. All of life is an experiment. The more experiments we make, the better. What’s inside. What isn’t. We think it’s everything you need to know.

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Comedy Stories

The Gimme

Host: Kathleen DeMarle

With obsessions come funny stories. In The Gimme, host and self proclaimed horse girl, Kathleen DeMarle interviews other comedians and creatives about what drove them to be obsessed as kids and ultimately as adults! Topics range from Boy Bands to Barbies and everything in between. Who knows maybe you’ll become obsessed!

Kathleen DeMarle is a Boston based stand up comedian, writer and birthday cake enthusiast.

Although still in the first season this podcast is developing in to a really special comedy podcast.

Boo’s Your Daddy

Hosts: Dr. Alan Snyder and Stephanie D’Ancona

An unscripted comedy podcast about embarrassing life stories, booze, and trivia about stuff you should know featuring Stephanie D’Ancona (Boo) and Dr. Alan Snyder PT, DPT (Daddy).

Dr. Alan Snyder is a professional doctor, an enthusiastic podcaster and an expert in conversation. His charm, personality and charisma are the perfect recipe for a podcast that will tickle your funny bone. (Get it, it’s a medical joke!)

Stories about Authors

The Sample Chapter Podcast

Host: Jason A. Meuschke

Find your next favorite book on the show where authors read a sample chapter. Each week authors from around the world, from all genres, and level of experience, have a conversational chat about their lives and their work before taking over the show with a reading from one of their books.

The show is open to ALL genres and levels of experience. From the first-time indie author to NYT best-sellers and even celebrity authors, you’ll find a wide variety from week to week. Authors tend to open up more during our casual conversations. The guest author does the reading themselves! They know the nuance, and voices of each character better than anyone so it’s always a real thrill to hear their vision, and version, of their story.

Jason is a native Missourian, US Air Force Veteran and Author.

His first book, Nine-Mile Bridge, is a paranormal thriller that came out in 2018. He’s currently hard at work on his next thriller, A Novel Idea, due in the Fall of 2020.

Stories for Creatives

Makers Mean Business

Hosts: Damon Oates & Parker Stelly

A podcast for crafty-preneurs who handmake products and want to turn their crafts into cash by selling online with less fear and more freedom. Damon and Parker offer two episodes a week – they share some business coaching for Makers who want to turn their hobby into a thriving online business, and they interview other crafters who are already leading the way in business! They share tips for selling physical products online, how to build large communities full of raving fans, and how to make your craft business your own, along with tips about social media, SEO, subscription boxes, and more.

Learn about how to reach more customers, how to engage with your customers in a personal way to encourage them to come back and buy from you again and again, and in general how to run an online crafty business!

City Stories

Only in New York

Hosts: Tracey Carnazzo, Chemda Khalili and Andrea Allan

This is a love letter to NYC. You will hear about the good, the bad and the ugly of the city. Comedians and podcasters Tracey Carnazzo, Chemda Khalili and Andrea Allan talk to native New Yorkers and transplants alike about things that can only happen in New York.

Tracey Carnazzo is a comedian and podcast host from New York City. Her OCD and love for trash TV have shaped who she is today.

DropTheDis (Augusta)

Hosts: Chris Nabholz & David Bash

Augusta, GA doesn’t do a good job telling it’s story, but the story is incredible. So we thought it would be best to tell its story by talking to the people who make this city great! The old Augusta (Disgusta) is gone and we are here to prove it by Dropping The Dis!

Chris Nabholz and David Bash are two individuals who have grown up in Augusta, GA. Nabholz is an Elementary PE Teacher and Bash is an entrepreneur in different business opportunities. They met in college and have always wanted to tell the incredible story of Augusta,

Augusta is becoming the next Destination Location for traveling. Each guest has a unique story big or small that helps the city of Augusta. Augusta is more than The Masters golf tournament.

This is a unique podcast tells stories of only Augusta, GA. This is a podcast run by locals, not a CVB nor a governmental entity, just two guys that strive to change the mindset of the city of Augusta, GA. #dropthedis

Healthcare Stories

Art of Emergency Nursing

Host: Kevin McFarlane RN

The AOEN podcast is an examination of the elements of emergency nursing that fall well outside the textbook; guided by host Kevin McFarlane, we are brought through the lived experience of nurses who provide care on their patients’ worst day. Painful, traumatic, weird, and funny as hell, Kevin’s guests paint a rich picture of the art of emergency nursing.

For over 20 years Kevin McFarlane has worked in Emergency Departments across the country. As an ER nurse he has been witness to miracles and tragedies. He has been the first face seen and the last hand held. He combines his extensive clinical, educational, and public speaking experience in his podcast “Art of Emergency Nursing”. This popular podcast incorporates the expertise of Kevin and his colleagues in education, leadership, and clinical nursing to bring experience and perspective to the emergency nursing community.

The podcast reminds nurses that they are not alone in this crazy, sometimes stressful, career. It reminds them that they should treat every patient as if they were a part of their own family. Lastly, they will take away lessons learned the hard way by other nurses which will help pave the road to success. One nurse’s story becomes another’s lesson. Each episode ends with a question called, “Three Things.” Kevin asks the guest to share three things an ER nurse should always remember and three things they must forget. This is often the soundbites that summarize the lesson learned in that episode’s story.

Life in the A-Zone

Host: Peggy Sweeney-McDonald

Through her vulnerable stories and true to life candor, Peggy shines light on the entire “family journey” through the dis-ease of Alzheimer’s. This podcast honors the truths while creating space for the kindred community of so many souls who have trudged and are trudging Alzheimer’s. Narrated with heart and soul, Peggy takes us on the path of reaffirmation of a dynamic love between dynamic southern women. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, get hungry, head to the kitchen, and maybe feel a little less lonely in your world today. Follow her compass and open up to a world rich with possibility.

Peggy Sweeney-McDonald is an actress, author, producer, and storyteller. A native of Baton Rouge and a graduate of Louisiana State University. She returned to her hometown in Louisiana in 2016 from Los Angeles, California to be her mother’s caregiver.

While searching for podcasts on Alzheimer’s, dementia and caregiving, Peggy found many interview podcasts with doctors and experts. However, it was hard to find anyone taking the veil off the caretaker and revealing the thoughts, feelings and desperation of watching a loved one slip away. There is no perfect way to be a family caregiver and with a manual at hand, it all goes out the window when you are in the trenches of the A-Zone. Peggy shares the ups, downs of grace and gratitude. Peggy’s stories celebrate love and human spirit which never dies.

LGBTQ+ Stories

LGBTQ Stories

Host: Kevin Gerdes

This show is hosted by Actor, Realtor, Podcast Host, & Vlogger Kevin Gerdes. They’ve been collecting stories from those who identify as LGBTQ+ and sharing them with the world. Kevin believes that when the LGBTQ+ community comes together and demand’s their history is told, something magical happens. People become inspired, lives are saved, and the marginalized no longer hide in the shadows of its oppressor.

With over 11 0 countries streaming this show today, they rejoice once again in the freedom that being out and proud brings to their lives. They’re achieving this by sharing our stories with the world.

Garland Pepper Presents

Host: Gary Fox

Garland Pepper presents is a revolution of love. Garland is an exploration into humanity through interactive dialogue. There is magic and power in all of us. It’s Garlands job is to pull that out.

Garland Pepper is about the guest; their stories passions and challenges we explore humanity through long conversations covering many subjects as varied as the guests.

Gary is a Marine, Corporate Trainer, Nature Lover, facilitator of joyous events conversations and delightful feasts. Family man Grandfather.

Amazing people are everywhere. Dialogue is the river, it runs through us, the more we know of each other’s struggles and victories the more we see others in ourselves.

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Love & Relationships Stories

From Betrayal to Breakthrough

Host: Dr. Debi Silber

This podcast helps people who’ve been betrayed by a family member/partner/friend/self heal physically, mentally and emotionally. You can’t undo the betrayal but you can control how long it impacts your health, work and relationships.

The host combines powerful stories and research based tool and strategies to help someone move forward. Listeners will learn actionable steps to help them heal physically, mentally and emotionally, they’ll learn that they’re not crazy, not alone and they can heal from all of it. They’ll learn that even though it happened to them, it’s not about them.

Dr. Debi Silber is a holistic psychologist and author of the #1 bestselling book: The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind and Life After a Life Crisis and her newest book Trust Again.

Fool Me Twice

Host: Jules & Zara Hannaford

Jules Hannaford was successful and happy in her life but was still lonely. She turned to online dating as a last resort, after being single for more than a decade. Finally, she met a man who had his life together. Truman was as excited as Jules was about the possibility of building a life with someone special. Jules travelled across the world to meet him, and the fairy tale immediately began to unravel. All was not as it seemed. This podcast is an exploration of the world of sweetheart scams, catfishing, and the ugly side of online dating.

Learn online dating safety tips, the danger of romance scams and how owning your story is empowering. In a world of dating apps and websites, meeting online has become so normal we’ve almost let our guard down. “Fool Me Twice” reminds the listener of the reality – that the search for love online can bring danger. Delving into the psychology of trust and gullibility, we find out that all the ingredients turn murky as soon as there’s one present – loneliness. Loneliness is the common thread, linking together everyone who has been scammed by a catfishing relationship scammer. So, is it just loneliness that makes someone vulnerable? There’s more to it, and “Fool Me Twice” breaks it down.

Jules and Zara Hannaford are a mother-daughter podcasting team who hail from Adelaide, Australia. Jules now lives and works in Hong Kong as a teacher as well as running her successful podcast “Hong Kong Confidential.” Zara lives in the USA and works as a writer, editor and voice over artist. Together, they produced the Webby award nominated podcast “Fool Me Twice”, and currently have the second season in the works.

Raw Truth: Stories of Female Infidelity

Host: Rebecca Adams

A podcast about women cheating, really? Yes, learn why! This podcast is just what Host Rebecca Adams did, she cheated. Infidelity has been around as long as sex has, people, men and women alike are capable of being unfaithful. However, one will rarely find support for the unfaithful female. This is RAW TRUTH… Stories of Female Infidelity. A podcast!

I was an unfaithful wife for many years- which led to divorce and I can say now that I should have just left before I created the mess I made of others lives. I wanted to figure out a way to help others in situations similar to mine- so I decided to reach out across the internet air waves in a safe format.
This podcast mainly focuses on stories of women who have or are currently having affairs.

Find out what reasons people have for their infidelity, seeking to understand instead of judging. This podcast is not condoning, but rather opens the door for women to know that they are not alone if they are being unfaithful.

Supernatural Stories

Hauntingly Yours: A Podcast for the Paranormal

Host: Denny O’Rourke

Explore the history and ghostly lore of haunted places throughout the world gets broken down and laid before you.

Take a journey with paranormal investigator and ghost storyteller, D.C. O’Rourke as he breaks down the history and ghostly lore of haunted places throughout the world. He has dedicated a good chunk of his life to the paranormal. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook and Instagram pages for photos and extra content. Episodes are released bi-weekly.

Ghosts In The Valley

Host: Al Cooley

Paranormal from Ghost hunting, true ghost stories, Ufo’s and so much more. Guests from around the word share their experiences.

Al Cooley has been in the entertainment business for over 50 years as a musician/songwriter, video production and now a paranormal podcast host. Al has tons on experience and a very active and interesting life.

Please note: We are not responsible for any of the content within these podcasts. They were chosen based on recommendations and reviewing several episodes, but we can’t guarantee the content is for you. If you find something you don’t agree with, just stop listening. Remember, the purpose of this list is to create opportunities for connection through stories. Enjoy!

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