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Social Media Storytelling – Martine Cadet

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Authentic Content Marketing

We all know social media is a great platform for telling your story and building your community. That’s why we invited Martine Cadet to the show.

Martine Cadet is a Social Media and Content Strategist Coach for Female Business Coaches and Lifestyle Coaches.

Organic Lead Generation

She helps her clients with her Signature Relationship Online Marketing System to attract qualified leads using Instagram and Facebook organically and effortlessly.

Martine’s ultimate goal is to help women come up with authentic social media content that converts viewers into paying clients.

Expert Social Media Advice

Get the answers to your social media questions:

  • Find out her answers to these questions:
  • Should someone be focusing on gaining likes and followers to validate their engagement rate?
  • Is posting daily the answer to staying consistent?
  • What is authentic content?
  • For Instagram, what do you put in stories?
  • What is the purpose of stories?

As a long-time Corporate 6 figure executive, she decided to no longer try to go up that ladder and instead invest in her dream. She hit a plateau and was no longer inspired.

Building a Personal Brand on Social

So, Martine spent countless days and lots of money figuring out the perfect recipe for Instagram and Facebook success, so that she could start gaining more visibility for her personal brand and impact more Type A female coaches.

Now, she’s committed to helping as many female coaches as possibly so that they can stop the cycle of binge-watching on YouTube or downloading all the freebies out there, like she used to do. Her signature coaching is all about relationship-building, content marketing and getting results.

Social Media Side Hustle

Martine is turning her side hustle into a stellar full-time venture and she’s helping others do the same.

The online world has opened so many opportunities for her that she believes anyone with the desire can invest in the web and their God-given skills to impact many.

Mindset Motivation

Marine reminds us to stay consistent, work on your mindset and remember the outcome. Listen through to the end for overflowing inspiration.

Connect with Martine Cadet

Find out about her live coaching program where female coaches will how to build their own social media lead generation using Facebook and Instagram organically from start to finish.

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  • Youtube:

Martine Cadet’s Favorite Quote

“Action is in the transaction.”

Multiple sources: James Wedmore and others. It’s a widely used phrase by many.

Martine Cadet’s Book Recommendation

Download How to Get Gigs as a Guest Expert

Download the 5 Mindset Hacks for Getting Unstuck Workbook & Exercises

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