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Success Against the Odds – Francesca Anastasi

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Be inspired by Francesca Anastasi’s story of going from homeless to CEO.

Francesca shares the tools, principles and systems she applied as the founder and CEO of the Confidance Institute.

Find out Francesca’s creative strategy for combating negative talk.

Francesca Anastasi is a business growth strategist, consultant, and mentor. The creator, producer and host of the Succeed Against the Odds show, she is dedicated to working with and inspiring entrepreneurs of all ages. She also created the Magnificent You women’s conference.

Hear how her global Shimmy Mob movement is helping millions of women around the world!

Francesca founded the annual, global charity event Shimmy Mob. She has received the ‘Telling Our Story’ Award for this amazing cause.

Francesca’s favourite quote

“Do or do not, there is no try.” or how Francesca’s version: “Do or do, there is no die. I give myself no other option.”


Francesca’s book recommendation

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