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Become an Affiliate for Standout Social Audio System

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate!

I will be launching the “Standout Social Audio System” from June 25th to July 5th at a special launch price. You will get 50% of $397. I’ll provide swipe copy and images for emails and posts. There will be a prizes.

Title: Standout Social Audio System! The Ultimate Templates Package

Description: Get everything You Need to Jump Start Your Social Audio Success for More Visibility. Accelerate your learning and rise to the top of your niche. Stand out as a pro from day 1.

Date: June 25th to July 5th

Affiliate: You will get 50% of $397.

Commit to these requirements:

  • Share to your email at least 1 time during launch.
  • Share to your socials at least 3 times during the launch.
  • Communicate and respond effectively during the pre-launch and launch.
  • Include earning disclosures where applicable.

How it works:

We’ll give you copy, images, links and a code. Upon submitting your application, we’ll send you the place were we communicate and provide you with everything.

In addition to content, we’ll give each affiliate a code that you’ll share and people will enter it during their purchase. That’s how we can track the sales. You can give your own bonus with the code or you can use the one we provide. We don’t have a sophisticated affiliate dashboard…yet… soon, but that’s how we’re doing it right now for this small launch. So, we’ll update you on stats and leader board as we go.


  • Make 2 sales, get the the entire giant templates package for free.
  • Make top sales, get a lifetime membership in our Inspired Influencers Academy, plus an interview on The Inspiring Show or the Women in Podcasting Show, along with postings throughout our socials and an email blast to our community. Include your own CTA in the show notes and episode.



See you there!

Jennifer Henczel

Jennifer Henczel

Founder of Inspired Influencers & the Women in Podcasting VIP Club

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