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Be Featured Here!

Right now, we’re gathering amazing women currently crushing it on Clubhouse to be listed here on this page. If you’d like to be included, here’s the criteria:

  • Already established on Clubhouse.
  • You must be a women entrepreneur, coach, speaker, expert or podcaster.
  • You must include your Clubhouse PROFILE LINK, not your handle and not a Club link.
  • You must have at least 500 followers minimum.
  • You must agree to share the page when it’s ready.
  • You allow us to add your clubhouse photo in the article with your link.

Got a club?

Profiles links are free to be listed here, but If you want your club featured, it’s $100. Contact Jennifer Henczel directly for this option.

Deadline: June 1, 2021

When this page is filled up, we’ll be contacting you by email and asking each contributor to share this article.

If you meet the criteria, please go here to add your info (Enter your link and number of followers in the “NOTES” field):

Need an invite to Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is now available on Android around the world! A listing in this article is not for those who are new to Clubhouse, it’s for those who are already established there. But, if you’re new to the platform or need an invitation, we still encourage you to jump in and join the conversation. it’s a great place to get connected. To get an invitation, if you request to join the Women in Podcasting club, you’ll be prompted with steps to join.

This is what the article will look like:

Are you on Clubhouse yet? It’s an amazing platform for authentically connecting with other women entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, experts and podcasters.

You can join clubs and follow people to connect with them. When you join a club, click the bell so you can get notified when there’s an event with people from that club.

Likewise, when you follow a person click the bell by their name so and you’ll get notified when that specific person goes live in a room. Here are some great connections to get you started:

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